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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by sander201247, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Plugin category: minigames

    Suggested name: alwaysCTF

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that allows all players in my server to capture certain points, the original capture the flag idea, only I want it so you don't need a team, nor an arena to play in.

    I have a kit-pvp server where people jump right in the action and start killing each other and I also want to give them rewards (money) for capturing certain locations.

    so that is the main idea of what i want,
    extra plugin details:

    The flag location is set by an admin using worldguard regions.
    - If there is only 1 player inside that region for at least 10 seconds a reward will be given.

    If possible, I want it so players can team up with their friends using a simple command as /team invite [player] and /team join [player]. Teams can't have more than 3 players in them.
    - If there is only 1 team inside a flag region for at least 10 seconds a reward will be given to all of them.

    If a player or team is alone in the region they must see a countdown (preferably as xp levels, but in the chat is fine to), and hear the sound of gaining xp, after 10 seconds, when the reward is given they should hear the level-up sound.

    The countdown starts if only 1 player is in the flag region, or that 1 player and team members.
    The countdown is canceled when the player, or all team members leave the region,
    The countdown is also canceld when an other player (not from your team) enters the region.

    also a server broadcast message should be send when someone is capturing a location:
    - "someone is capturing [worldguard region name], you must stop them!"

    If the region is captured a broadcast should announce:
    - "[worldguard region name] has been captured by [player1] [player2] [player3]
    *player2 and 3 are team members. if a team has only 2 members there wont be a third player to display*

    If a region is captured only other teams and players can re-capture it after 30 seconds. This as protection for not making to much money.

    In the plugin config file i want:
    - the amount of money that must be given (default = 15)
    - the time it takes to conquer a region (default = 10)
    - a list of world guard regions used as flag
    - the last player(s) that captured the region
    - the flag capture cooldown time (default = 30)

    - maximum amount of team members
    Ideas for commands:
    /flag create [worldguard region name]

    /team invite [player]
    /team join [player]
    /team leave

    Ideas for permissions:
    ctf.player :
    allows acces to /team and conquering regions

    allows acces to /flag create

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible (If the team section is to complex for you to build you can leave it out)
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    thats what i tought, but i have no programming skills at all,
    can you make something like this?
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    COOL you are a real hero! can't wait
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