Open Source JIRA license for plugins?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Daniel Heppner, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Daniel Heppner

    Is it possible to get an OnDemand instance of JIRA for my plugins? I'll make sure I fit all the specifications, but will they really host an OnDemand instance for a small Bukkit plugin developer? I really do need some kind of good bug tracker, and I like JIRA. I'd buy it if I had the money. (I also don' t have a VPS to host it on, so OnDemand would be necessary. Perhaps even Bamboo?)
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    Father Of Time

    Are you aware of GitHub? I believe it has a bug-tracker built in, and it's free.

    I use it, it's incredibly unfriendly to setup, but once you get it setup it's easy sailing.
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    You have my skype, if you need a place for your bugtracker just say the word. I have a VPS just running my server's website with about 0 load (running Cherokee Webserver ftw!). If you want to I can get you setup on there-for free (that is if you don't want to use GitHub's painful bugtracker)
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    Daniel Heppner

    Yeah, I'm familiar with GitHub but I'd like to move on. I
    want to graduate from it.
    You'll host JIRA for me? How much ram do you have? (I'll love you forever.)
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    Currently, on my VPS, I have 2Gb, but I can upgrade to 4GB if needed. I can only provide the VPS (an account or the like), you will have to go after the JIRA license your self.

    Now, in a month or two, I will be upgrading my minecraft server to bigger hardware (a server with 16GB's or RAM)- and it will be a VPS node running either Proxmox or ESXi. From there, I could deploy you a personal VPS. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Lets take this one step at a time.
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