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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Antariano mentioned a few posts back that once they go open beta they will publish the links to the new forum (Xenforo) the real forum thats there is pretty much at the end of its life so id expect to see that fixed shortly

    P.S. Does anyone have a link to the sample skin zip file? the one in the wiki is dead and im working on a new one
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    I'll make you a zip :)
    EDIT: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23235766/SpaceB/SBTHEME.zip
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    Nathan C


    Not donating if it's vaporware.
  4. Suggestion: Closed beta access for $10 donation
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    aww no spacebukkit today either... well theres always next week :p jk keep up the good work
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    I don't believe this is allowed by Bukkit.
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    I'm downloading this beta as soon as I get home tomorrow assuming it will be out!:)
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    Its almost ready, what point would this have? Also no, that would not be allowed based on Bukkit's Terms of Service and Rules, as that would be essentially selling the product.

  9. The point is to get the SpaceCP team some donations, Antario asked for it.
    Why should someone donate that isn't even allowed to try the software out though.

    BuyCraft and McMyAdmin aren't selling services?

    Anyway, was a bad idea, sorry.
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    Will the open beta avliable in next few hours?
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    i must say clearly that this is so wrong.
    first a ETA was told us. then u guys add 2 days then another day now u say its again extended.
    WTF are the MAJOR bugs that are found. as i can quote once the major bugs are solved a release comes.
    i know u guys like a complete and stable version. but thats where the updates are for if it works it works.
    please dont keep us on ice but put us on stable ground (u get it?)
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    • Not acceptable behavior
    Stop being a self-entitled whiny little bitch - https://github.com/SpaceDev/SpaceBukkit/issues

    If you want to track progress, follow the github issues.
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    thats insulting b3nw.
    i did not insult this but it keeps coming every time there must be an release they give another new problem.
    so if u call me a bitch watch urself. ur acting like one. now
  15. Problems will allways come up in a development Process Especially with a small Team. If your too Impatient to wait for something that i might add is 'free to use' then i suggest you look else where, and like B3NW said:

    Also no need for name calling now, thats childish both off you.
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    Lets not go attacking the developers. I'm just as anxious as everyone else is. I'm not complaining, begging, or pestering the team because they don't owe me anything. I'm just an anxious fan. SpaceBukkit team thank you for this tool to make our server administration lives more awesome. I check daily for updates in this thread and find it annoying to read through rants about how its not ready yet. I rather read positive comments, ideas, and updates about the development.
  17. Its what id like to see 100% off the time but shamefully its expected to get the odd occasional negative rants because of such a brilliant web administrative tool for Bukkit.

    Keep up the work.... :O new name for the team >:] 'Space Team' :D
    ok probably not new as someone else has bound to have came up with it already >.<
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    I really think everyone needs to just calm down, the most important thing to realize is that the devlopers are not holding back because its fun to tease everyone, its a free product so its not about hype for sales, they are adding additional features and/or fixing bugs.

    And for anyone who is complaining please refer to the first letter in ETA (ESTIMATED) this means its not a dead drop date for the release
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    i did not say its a bad project or bad devs.
    i think its only bad to call a ETA when there is no ETA because there where to many bugs.
    and when 1 ETA fails saying it will be released in 2 days wich fails again. then think twice about a new ETA.
    otherwise it iritates people like me who are autistic and see to the ETA.
    so SB is cool and awesome the best in the world. same for the devs who put the effort in it.
    and about the small team they choose for a small team thats not a weakness in that case.
    and i am not seaking war or something i just try to hint the devs not to call ETA when there is no stable ETA.

    i hope this will confort the people who thinks i am insulting i am not (well i did not ment to)
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    Don't call the disability card. Unless you have PAID for this, you have no right to complain.
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    First of, we never really called an ETA, more like a work towards ETA...

    Secondly, you're not helping by complaining.

    And third, NeatMonster and I still go to school daily and have homework. During weekdays I have approx. 1 h of computer time...

    As for Antariano, he is working as much as he possibly can, asside from his busy daily schedule.

    So if you still want to complain, go ahead, but it'll waste my daily hour...

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  22. :O

    Good God people...

    Let the man CODE!
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    (it was not a complain.. but a hint ..)
    and i alraidy offered my help many weeks ago. but i got rejected. after that 2 weeks ago again. and again rejected.
    its their choice and i know its hard to work on a project when having school because i had it to for many years.
    but i think next time mabe not use ETA when saying a date XD
    well anyways looking forward to the open beta. and again if u need help call me. up
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    When did I EVER post an ETA?
    I know these things happen.
    So notice that every time I post a date, I add words like "approximately" or "don't take this as an official ETA".​
    Go trough this entire thread and you'll see this very often.​
    Even the front post says​
    "Open Beta will start AT AROUND the end of January!"​
    So please do quote where I said the 31st will surely be open beta day.​
    Please quote me when I postponed the "official" release for 2 days.​
    This being said, I want everybody to know that today we'll be releasing our RC.​
    Give the closed beta people 24 hours to test, then we go open beta.​
    Antariano out.​
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    So yeah, you should give me closed-beta access.
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    (does this mean 2 day? or not just to be sure?;)
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    You just have to ask! :3
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    Is that an open invitation? :(
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    That's me tro... err ... saying Hi to M1sT3rM4n ! :D
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    Funny way to say Hi ;)

    Do you have a current estimate as to when all the bugs on the github will be crushed? Also, check your forums, I made a post in my Garbage Collection question thread :) Thanks.
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