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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Wow. This is really awesome. Any idea when this will be out or there will be a public beta? I'm sick of Beastnode's control panel.
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    Refresh yo page ;)
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    Can't say anything about open beta because I had some personal issues that offthrew all our timelines.
    And the homepage.... well, I'm coding a better one, so I kinda abandoned the current one :p
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    I've been watching this thread for a while. Cant wait for this. Will we be able to open and edit plugin config files? Most are the yml files but some plugins use txt files for certain things. so if it supports yml editing that would be sweet!
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    It supports all editing atm :p
    Let me get you a better screenshot for that :)
    EDIT: There you go ;)[​IMG]
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    wow! Keep up the good work and I'll keep watching for open beta. Thanks team!

    Oh I forgot to ask. will SpaceBukkit have the ability to load the worlds in a ram disk?

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    If you put the world on a ramdisk, ye :)
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    I have found setting up ramdisk and running craftbukkit challenging. Every shell script I have seen to run craftbukkit in a ramdisk looks extremely bloated and not very clear or poorly commented. all I want it to do is place the world folder in a ramdisk, start the script and that's all.
  9. Why use a script that you don't like if you could do it yourself?
    It's pretty easy, just copy the worlddir into the Ramdisk and make a symlink to it, that's all.
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    One problem: Where is the ramdisk located ^^ (Linux of course, using Debian here)
  11. /dev/shm is usually already a Ramdisk, but you can create yourself one easily like this:
    sudo mkdir /mnt/ramdisk
    sudo mount -t tmpfs none /mnt/ramdisk
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    Oright, thanks :)
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    I'm using CentOS 6. Thats all it takes? what about setting the size of the ramdisk? and loading the world folder into /mnt/ramdisk ? maybe i'm not understanding correclty.
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    Maybe you can use the WorldContainer setting of Bukkit.
  15. I am quite interested in this project and was wondering, is the scheduling part of the system done? And if so, any chance we could see some screenshots?
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    *Looks at source
    *Finds class named MD5
    *Puts on Troll Face Mask
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    can anyone open the demosite?

    when i try to open the demo i get a site with database errors and this:
    Welcome to SpaceBukkit's Closed Beta!
    Please do report any bug to our forums, located here: FORUMS
    Have fun!
    Login to SpaceBukkit
    You are not authorized to access that location.
    Invalid username or password, try again
  20. If you want to limit the size of the Ramdisk it would take some more commands, but I don't see why you would need to do that.
    To load the worlds into it you only copy them and make a symlink:
    mv -R /path/to/world /mnt/shm/
    ln /mnt/shm/world /path/to/world
    I would suggest creatign a directory named "backup" where you put the worlds when shutting down minecraft or the server so you don't lose them. A cronjob would also be good so they are backed up if minecraft or your server crashes.
    #on start:
    mv -R /path/to/backup/world /mnt/shm/
    #on stop:
    mv -R /mnt/shm/world /path/to/backup/
    #for cronjob:
    crontab -e
    #now add to the end:
    0,15,30,45 * * * * cp -R /mnt/shm/world /path/backup/
    You need to run everything as root of course.
    After that it should back the world up from the ramdisk every 15mn.

    The Demo is offline ATM, Jamy is fixing it!
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    Fixed already
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    Aswell as family problems I hope? :)
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    Nope :) but one must carry on
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    @Antariano Is the log reader symlink based?
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    There is a log reader?
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    Can translate it to russian. If u need this :)
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    i can do it for dutch,portuguese(portugal&brazil), and French.
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    Demo version still requires login? :confused:
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