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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Probably because it's a static demo.
    I'm on it.
    Running command fixed.
    Manage tab fixed.

    Sorry for double post, I'm on a computer that if I'd put it near a windows 92 would make the windows look good.
    I'll try to be preventive and say:
    Please keep all posts in this topic related to SpaceBukkit and SpaceBukkit only.

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    wow. just wow. amazing!
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    I am working on 2.0. Is that wrong since we didn't release 1.0 yet? lol don't care, it's fun!

    Jokes aside, I think I'm strange - I work on 2.0 when I take a break from beta programming lol
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    Looks quite amazing so far!
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    Just tried the alpha demo thing, and it looks awesome! Shame the beta sign ups have ended. You have included alot of cool features. What about including a dynamic map abit like the ?dynmap? plugin I think.
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    Dynmap... I'm not quite sure what that would have to do with an administration tool. Sure, I can easily implement it, but what would it do for administration purposes?

    Thanks man!
  7. That looks just so great. Its all I expected from it and a bit more.

    I had also great laugh when I went to the SpaceBukkit's Settings.

    "Configuring Spacebukkit
    If you need help, there is none at the moment. Go to hell."
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    Its WebOS...and you can implement at Linux,Windows or MAC....without pissing off your server manager...and you can even use spacebukkit

    btw....nice demo and nice interface. Congratulations @Antariano , @Jamy , @NeatMonster =)

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    Don't forget @NeatMonster , he did a lot more work than me!
    And thanks, you should do it too! :p
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    Good point, although it could help you see where players are and where they are building etc.
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    It will always be possible as an addon ;)
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    Neat added lol
  13. Why couldn't you just use dynmap for that? Why it has to be implemented inside the SpaceBukkit?
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    Why doesn't the donate button work :O
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    Thank you @Jamy, the man who hosts my Jenkins! :D

    There is already a method to get Dynmap's port, so @Antariano only needs to implement this into the web interface (if he wants to, for sure).

    Because the project hasn't been released yet. :p
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    joke its AWESOME
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    The designer side of me where the hipster styles live is having a little heart attack over how beautiful the UI is. Very nicely done. Saddened that I didn't apply for the beta though, didn't see this till it was too late since I haven't been very active recently.

    On a note though, the worlds list seems to be very inconsistent with the hover, it seems to not work depending on where I hover and the hover hotspots are weirdly aligned with the world types.

    Any plans for Mobile Apps?
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    Those are the bugs we want to fix ASAP, beta release is more important right now :)

    Mobile Apps - yes and no. Let's say the website will be mobile-friendly.
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    What about a way to leave message for other admins?

    E.g. "Please look into the database rapid growth (could be a rampage plugin)."

    Will there be a way to clone a server (the settings, plugins..., template), to create a new server?
    Also will it be possible to force updates on all server, shutdown all, restart all...?
  20. Will this API have any restrictions? (like you can't update the server or idk (bad example, I know))
    Maybe I'll look if I could make an app with that...

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    Planned for open beta

    Server creation is not done by the panel, you simply connect to one. But duplicating could be done once basic connection was established.

    Interesting, I'll add it ASAP.

    There will be different APIs with different restrictions. More details when we release the addon system.

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    It looks like it's the "bottom right" that does it, not sure what the tooltip syntax is but it may be middle? middle right should align it properly.

    Also, suggestion: Have Chunkster auto-backup before it runs, something as simple as "cp -r world world.bak" could save lives
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    Id like to use this, but it seems beta signing up has ended. How can i sign up?
  24. Signup for closed Beta has finished, you will have to wait until open Beta starts (ETA unknown ATM)
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    I just logged into the demo panel. Everything looks fantastic!
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    Checked out the demo, looks beautiful. You're doing good ass work. I can't wait to use it. :D
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    Ok, Just one quick question: With the API, will we be able to make our on tab/thing on SpaceBukkit? Or will we only be able to, say, execute commands?
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    Our intent is to make SpaceBukkit completely "modular". This means with addons you can do pretty much anything - a little box on a page, own page, customize an existing page etc. etc.

    Out team yesterday made some decisions about the future of SpaceBukkit. Let's put it this way: if this version blowed your mind, 2.0 will give you a heart attack. lol

    On a second thought though, I suppose that's not good. Guys, we need to reduce the awesomeness!

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    Very, very cool.
    I am SO looking forward to this <3
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    Do you intend to push a release anytime within the next week? All this hype is awesome but I'd love to use it with my server. Seeing talks about 2.0 this soon is making me believe we will not see a release anytime soon. :(
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