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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Quick update. I just finished coding some stuff and will now commence working on the website where this tool will be hosted. You may come out roaring and begin throwing chairs at me, shouting "code the tool moron not some useless website" - and I don't blame you. However our team thinks that functionality and beauty go hand in hand. We won't release something till it works and looks good. And the teaser site is part of that.
    On the other hand we will use it for bug tracking, a demo, feature requests and more. So please bear with us :D
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    ME WANT NAO!!!!
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    This shit gives me a major hardon man, I want it now!
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    I'm in, if you need testers anytime!
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    So we won't be able to download the tool and host it ourselves?

    If not, that just ruined it for me :(
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    What? Nono, you got it wrong. It's just the site where the tool is presented properly. You know, with fancy feature lists and a demo and so on. You still will be able to use it yourself!
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    Oh, okay, great. :)

    When will the site be up? How long after do you think it will be until a download is available for everyone? (or just me :cool:)
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    Can't wait to see this live! It looks amazing!
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    Oh, btw, can you explain more how the multiple servers thing works?

    I want to be able to hook the panel up to all of my Minecraft servers, which are all on different machines. (Running CentOS btw.)

    Would this be possible?
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    One more request to be added to the Testers list! This looks amazing.

    Also, out of curiosity, would it be possible to run this in a 'pure Java' environment, for instance using Apache Tomcat and some Java SQL implementation? (Just thinking -- it would be cool to just pull down another .jar file which had the same dependencies as MC / Bukkit)
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    We are developing it with php right now... For we never used Tomcat, we maybe look into it after we've done this version, but we'll need someone who worked with it to port php to java

    I will post some more screenshots today if nothing goes wrong :) maybe that explains that stuff a bit more!
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    Php would be the way to go
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    This is a website, so will we be able to use a separate server (for example, I host a php server for a website and Dynmap), and hook that to your bukkit plugin?
    For example, Dynmap allows external server using Json files and a php/aspx script that writes to a json file that the plugin reads the commands and empties the file.

    It would be interesting to have this option.

    (and btw, Love the idea, can't wait to get it!)
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    I don't quite understand the question... If you asked if this is separate to the computer where the server runs, then yes. It uses JSONAPI to manage communication.
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    Okay. What i meant was that instead of asking a bukkit plugin to handle the HTTP connections, will it be possible to use other web servers such as php or aspx. Of course, you answered the question already :D.
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    Daniel Heppner

    How much for company usage?
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    Will this work with nginx?
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    Quick update. The first version to be released will be with just the functions we can get from JSONAPI and RemoteToolkit (which are quite a few). After that we will need a java guru of some sort for the other stuff we have planned. Oh, and an ajax expert would be nice to make things a bit smoother. Could do that myself ,tho.
    Note to myself: do some kind of future versions list.
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    Will we be able to add/control/manage more than 1 server with the first release?
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    I think yes, it's one of the main features
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    :) Awesome.

    What's the ETA for the first release?

    Also, for a java guru/coder... @DiddiZ is great. He's made quite a few custom plugins for me and maintains a few very popular/widely used plugins.
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    I would love to give you guys an ETA, but I can't. I don't want to make promises I can't archive (heh mojang).
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    Ah ok.

    The feature list in the OP is looking good.

    Plugins Tab - TODO // Ok, not much of a big deal for me but a plus when it's ready.
    Worlds Tab - TODO // Not a big deal to me
    Statistics Tab - TODO // What stats would be shown?
    File Manager Tab - TODO // If it has a YAML editor (w/ the 4 spaces thing built in, etc.) that'd be awesome.
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    Here's a mockup I made with features you could add?
    Doesn't have to be right now but would look cool nontheless...

    Mockup's not perfect, I only worked from your image![​IMG]
    EDIT: Had to be 78 / 150 not 15 :p
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    All of your features are already there, just in the Dashboard Tab. Basically you want me to put it all in the top?
    It would get quite crowded :D. I'll have a thought on that, though!
    Also, the 15 are only server-specific. You set the numbers you need, it's not fixed or limited!

    Also: YAY you now customize the background and logo :D
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    Personally I think it would be handy to see everything that's going on from every tab.
    Maybe you could add a thing like that, that opens when you click it and stays open untill you close it? (If you don't understand I''l make a mockup for that too :p)

    And the 15 was just as illustrated reference ;)
    EDIT: Also, I hope this doesn't lock your server.properties file like McMyAdmin does.
    I use BukkitHTTPD and it needs extra info in the server.properties file, which McMyAdmin always overwrites with its config.
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    Hmmm.. quite right. We'll think about it!
    about the config: I think it shouldn't lock it... I'll have particular care about that

    Hmmm... what do you think? Give us an idea of how much it should be :)
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    This is absolutely great. It'd help me a LOT with managing my server, plus it looks very beautiful. Will you be able to send plugin.jar's to the server through HTTP(S)?
    And will you be able to edit files from the host in real-time and then save/reload?
    I'd love to have to VNC over to the host computer every time.

    Also, I'd love to be able to help test this as soon as possible, if possible. :]
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    That would be a great idea, except I think ftp would be much better suited to editing. That solution would be fine for uploading, but would make it hard to monitor whats already there. Personally I would use external ftp client.
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    I'm currently using FileZilla but it'd be really nice to have an all-in-one Webmin that I could use from computers other than just my laptop in case I don't have it on me.
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