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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I'm in too just let me know when.
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    For the first reply, we have to thank you guys for your help! After all the ones that will be using this thing are you mostly :). For the Dashboard: yes, you are right, but it shoudln't get too crammed, too!

    For the second one, I think this is the only way it can go :(
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    Hehe, i wasn't trying to get a thank you, just wanted your opinion :D. But indeed, it's probably gonna take finding the perfect balance between a good amount of features and not being too crowded.

    That's too bad, but if that's the case it's just the way it is.
    Maybe there should be some kind of focus group on finding solutions for a (reduced) hassle(-free) Bukkit installation.

    Anyway, thanks for the replies, i'll keep the feedback coming :)
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    Willing to help out in any way possible. :)
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    Yeah, we will help!
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    I run a pretty fairly decent server on a dedicated, I'd love to do a stress test. :D
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    I have a kinda big server, and would love to test!
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    @Antariano takes forever to reply to pms :)
    If you want to do a stress test to a dd from /dev/zero
    Then pipe it into and out of gzip a bunch of times in the background
    Start about 3 and your server will cry.
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    what does this have to with a stresstest of functionalities related to the panel? like loading and refreshing 80 people, 100 plugins etc. etc.?
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    I would imagine you would also want people to test with a variety of web browsers seeing as each can and likely will react differently.
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    @boktor, there is another solution to this problem which doesn't require merging multiple projects and teams: Add a standardized abstraction layer.

    If the major admin panels and mobile admin tools (or even a significant subset) implement a standard way for other plugins to present their configurable options then other plugin devs will only need to target one API, and the admin tools have the benefit of not competing for integration partners.

    I should add that this is not necessarily the kind of thing that all admin tool developers want to get involved with, as consensus building can be like herding cats. It is also something which @Antariano and others would probably like to wait on until they have 1) finished removing the kinks from their primary product, and 2) integrated a few plugins, so that they know more about how plugins want to interact with their admin interface.

    ...Also, this might be a discussion which warrants its own thread...
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    Will we need a MySQL database? I would think so because we need a way to store the users.
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    Stress test = make lag
    Refreshing aint gonna do anything because of concurrency and plugins just = lag
    Why not just cut out the middle man, cause lag and see what you can do.
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    496,578 TNT All the way!
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    I believe the goal is to stress-test the SpaceBukkit panel, not the minecraft server.
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    Exactly, we want to test the loading of huge amount of data.
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    Yes, for users, servers, user roles, configurations and (in a future version) statistics
    Already did this :) Spacebukkit handled it quite well ^^

    This would prove to be a conduct I'd like to go. We developed our addon sytem, when it's out maybe others may want to look into it :)
    sry for double post, I'm in a situation which doesn't allow me to edit posts... don't ask why

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    Yeah i also thought of that solution but i wanted to go all-out first. But it is exactly the thing i wanted to talk about (maybe not here indeed): things in the Minecraft server world need to become a bit more streamlined. Anyway, back on topic :)
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    Ok, so we need to stress test it. I know some servers (Web) that are quite far away, and I have one, so I'll test it on there
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    I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear. We have a Server and a Panel already running, we just need to gather enough people. I'll set a date and time one of these days, and tell you guys the address when we start the test.

    I'll post more info and the rules of this test here and on a separate topic so we get more people's attention, stay tuned :D

    Ok guys, here's the topic:

    And I suggest you might look at the screenshots in the first post, there might be some new ones :p

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    Hey, Antariano, I was wondering, will it be possible to give certain users on the panel access to only certain areas? EG, I would give an account to one of my moderators, and he could only restart/stop the server, and look at the players.
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    He has already replied to a question like that, Yes, you can.
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    yes, you can, and I think we'll do it "fully customizable", so YOU decide the roles, can create new roles etc.
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    @Antariano i missed the stress test can i still get a beta access please i really wanted to be in the test
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    I can attest he was here 5 minutes after the stress test ended. :p
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    Screw You timezOnes
    Wheres my beta :)
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    Confirmed. x2
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    ok... ok... I trust you :p
    btw, did I ever tell you I absolutetly love you're avatar?

    We are heavily deveopling plugin management right now. It's looking awesome! One-click installing, updating, advanced configurations... I'm nerding all over the place! lol
    I'll post some screenshots soon :p

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    Nope, but thanks :)
    Oh and also, I'm thinking about starting a Server Hosting Business - and would like to use your plugin. Because it can only be used for non-commercial, is there a commercial-like option available - or will there be?
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