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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I finished the Java part of add-ons: every plugins' developer will be able to get and send custom informations from his plugin using the SpaceBukkit's panel. It's just amazing!

    We hope you'll support us by adding SpaceBukkit interactions with your plugin(s).
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    nick fryman

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    Mobile App == EPIK IDEA! If you need some help with the iOS App ask me, im making one right now and i can help. As for android, someone better at java than me (@NeatMonster ) could do it, cause android apps are made with java.

    Yup, I Am :D Im Intergrating it with my logging plugin.

    :eek: As in commercial use do you mean big servers (like cloudcraft)??

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    How's it going? ^_^
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    most likely hosting companies
    maybe "pay to become vip" servers too
    (just my point of view ;) )
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    k, i hope not home-hosted big servers.
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    Wow, didn't make it in. :'(
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    Yes, it's for hosting companies.

    For the V.I.P. I don't know, maybe a premium installation service.
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    Gave that bitch some updates.
    Bitches love updates.

    :D @ unnecessary meme quote
    Show Spoiler

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  11. I'll be glad to write panels for spacebukkit. Should be fun :)
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    It's Been A While Now, Do You Know When We Will Get Our E-Mails?
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    read first post
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    If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell me about it.

    I need to fill my TO-DO list. :D
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    Feature request: Release it.
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    Already on our global TODO list, but only when the panel will be ready.
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    Guys, could I have your opinion please? I threw a logo for SpaceBukkit together, what do you think?
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    it looks nice
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    the bucket needs to not blend with the back then is a good
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    It kind of looks like a trash can to be honest =P
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    It Looks Good, You Could (If You Want To) Type SpaceBukkit Below It In Some Nice Font And Size.

    Like This, Perhaps: [​IMG]

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    I think the logo's going in front of the text we have now ... :)

    And I started with the Nyan cat theme, I'll post a screenshot tomorow ;)
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    Ok, Yayz
  25. The visuals of this is gonna be really amazing!
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    Would definitely love to try this out with our server. Been waiting for a decent looking Web-based Administration GUI.
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    The logo could have a bit more color
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    Hay everyone, been absent for some time, maybe I missed something, but are beta emails sent?
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    Any word on when the public beta will be out or a full release?
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    The Full Release Will Be Out In About 1-2 Weeks. About When MineCon Starts.
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