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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Antariano, Sep 13, 2011.

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    You should've found out about now ;)

    EDIT: Damn.. too slow me :)
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    lol, i just need to wait for @Antariano to allow people to sign up.
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    yay, a fully spammed wiki, that's what I need right now :S... I'll add accounts as soon as beta comes out and we officially publish all links. Until then, please don't uncover our secret hideouts.
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    Sweeeeeeeet! Finally got in!

    Btw, you should omit the word "Bukkit" from your catchphrase thing, it seems better without it.
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    I was jokingly serious. Or seriously joking. Well, whatever, please don't loose enthusiasm!
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    Lol! Im Not, :) I Cant Wait!
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    Man! I drop off the face of the earth for a week or two and when I resurface the Beta's come and gone!

    @Antariano I really want to try to get SpaceBukkit running on Resin/Quercus instead of (L)AMP -- I'll spend some time trying to set it up and document the process if you give me Beta access. The benefit would be better performance and true cross-platform installation. (Java)

    Also, very excited about the Addons feature:

    My 2 cents: Go for standardization -- UI consistency is pretty key, especially since the rest of your interface looks so good! You probably don't need my help but I'd love to help with developing the Addon interface standardization requirements.
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    Fine, i was 1 week on vacation and the closed beta signup was started and ended, i didnt got chance to signup :(
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    Yes, I decided that it will be pretty static. But you can define a logo/header image, a little one in the top right, to give it some love.

    Little update here. I finished a nice feature I think every administration tool should have.
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    hi excuse me but i want to enter in closed beta
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    Our closed beta signup finished, but you'll soon be able to use it once we go open beta :)
    The closed beta is to fix the major bugs (which shouldn't take too much time). After that we'll go open and you'll be able to use it without the bugs ;)
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    Will said in game message be customizable?
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    Hm... I think that's doable, ty for the suggestion
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    Have you guys thought about mobile phone support btw?
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    If your mobile phone has a web browser, then you'd be able to use this on your phone, so long as the phone's web browser supports it which most do.
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    I think he means a mobile theme
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    Oh, okay. That makes sense. I can't help answer that then.
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    :( :( give me invite :D
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    Sorry, The Closed Beta Signup Is Closed :( SpaceBukkit Will Be Released Soon!
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    SpaceBukkit works fine on my Android phone, I'll try with an iPhone today but it should work. And for a mobile app, we'll think about that ;)
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    Working fine on iPhone too.

    Please note this is an old version of the panel.

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    Dammit now I want the beta more
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    If you ever need any Java to be done for this, I'm here =D
    This project looks amazing!
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    Noo it's the old theme :eek: Install the new pack :p
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    Full-Mobile integration is planned as soon as beta is over, as writing the complete interface in phone-friendly format (via JqueryMobile) will be some work :)
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    Are the beta mails send? :)
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    nick fryman

    Hey all,

    How would you like to work with MineOS+, so that we can create an OS preloaded with Java, MySQL, PHP, and a Cherokee web server -- of course with spacebukkit loaded into it. We're currently working on the fifth iteration of the OS, and hopefully will have it all perfect with an extremely low (think sub 30mb) RAM footprint within the next few weeks.

    I'm sure something could be worked out -- our current admin panel works completely off python cgi scripts, but yours looks to be the future if it rolls out fully for bukkit servers. For vanilla servers, the original panel will still have to be used unless yours rolls out vanilla support.

    Our website is www.mineosplus.org if your're interested.


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    I'd love to get in touch, please contact me with a conversation :)

    For that we have the "vanilla" button. It basically disables every plugin on the server.

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