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    Plugin category: Rpg

    Suggested name: Haki

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that works like mcmmo stats but it is for haki. Haki is a power in a manga named One Piece. I want it to be basicly like mcmmo but there will only be four stats and not every user will have haki so make it where there will be a percentage of chance a user might get a certain haki on joining of the game(ex:eek:bservation 30% Armament 10% conqueror 5% put in configs) and a percentage of chance a user might get a haki from getting attacked (ex:eek:bservation .05% Armament .01% conqueror 0% put in config).Also can you make it compatible with mcmmo if not its ok.
    ·Observation Haki-will allow holder to sense any players near holders area for a certain distance set in config, will allow you to have a chance of dodging attacks (ex: Lvl.1 has .10% chance. put in config), and will tell you when a stronger or higher user of haki is in your distance whitout using /haki search.level up observation by sensing the other players and killing ppl.
    ·Armament Haki-will allow holder to take more damage than usual(ex:lvl10 will have leather like skin without actually having leather on so leather armor will appear when holder gets attacked then disappears afterword or however you can make it), holder can harden (like mcMMO arm ability)his arm or charge a weapon to be stronger (again like mcMMO but only for weapons not a pickaxe, hoe, , shovel, and etc.).level up Armaments by getting attacked
    ·Conqueror Haki-will allow user to do damage with a look of intimidation by that if holder uses /haki con(if plugin is not compatible with mcMMO make it when u right click)it will damage nearby players with low wills (ex: lvl1 does 1/2 heart damage) if player has high will they may not be effected (ex: lvl1 haki vs a lvl10 will will not effect the victim.(put in configs recharge rate for all the hakis and a limit of difference for conqueror hakis effect and put where i can change the level limit and how much xp u get for getting hurt etc.)level up conqueror haki by using it on players
    ·last stat will be Will-everyone has will and it helps against conqueror haki and helps with any attack from mobs or players.if your will to live is good then you have a good chance to take damage and live.

    Ideas for commands:
    /haki stats will list your haki levels.
    /haki top will lists top ten people of certain hakis.
    /haki set <haki><level>will allow certain players to set a certain haki level.
    /haki add <haki><levels>will add levels to a certain haki.
    /haki remove <haki><levels>will remove levels to a certain haki.
    /<haki>will explain what the haki you have chosen.
    /haki search will use observation haki and sense close users.
    /haki reset <player> will reset haki stats of a player (owner command)
    /haki give <haki><player>will give a user a haki

    Ideas for permission:put in config

    When I'd like it by:Whenever.
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    ninjawolfog it's interesting ;) Maybe i will try later to do it!
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    TGF thank you for giving this plugin a chance.All my other plugin request never had any replies or people to try it.

    how is the progress?

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    TGF how is the progress
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    ^^ I said later. Later means not now - i have another private project.
    ninjawolfog if i start i will write here, until this everybd can take it.
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    Bump.please can anyonene try this I need it by the end of April.

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