Oops I Forgot To Resign

Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by MistPhizzle, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Hello everyone!

    I have been a member of the BukkitDev staff for a few months, I've talked to some cool people, I like the community, but these new changes and the handling of such changes have been absolutely horrible. I wont provide a sappy post as to how Bukkit changed my life, etc. I had fun doing it, end of story.

    Stay Classy.
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    Stay classy.
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    Thanks for your work, stay classy, <3
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    See you starside. ;)
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    Thanks for all of your work. :)
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    Thanks for your work MistPhizzle :)
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    GG BukkitDev. May the complaints start.
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    And that was the last of us. Welcome to the retirement club!
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    Instead of abandoning the project, why couldn't you guys try doing binary patches like these guys? I never liked Spigot because it adds extra stuff that I do not need or want. Unfortunately though, with the decision of the Bukkit team to abandon the project I have had to move to Spigot. Where is the pride that held Bukkit together. Hard times come up, and everybody gives up. Why couldn't we follow the example of the folks over at Spigot?
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    maybe because they have nothing good to say about mojang or curse especially over why this happened.

    or the community of with people like you who thinks they should continue to work under the circumstances of what has happened and why... spigot doing patches is nothing more than a short term fix to try keep things going, they still rely on people using software that has DMCA claim over the code usage in it.

    personally I think they should stop aswel, mojang have done nothing to support the community or communicate adequately, and people like you who seem to have zero comprehension or compassion for what has happened, and still expect others to just continue like slaves. You are lucky I don't hurl abuse at you for your ignorance.
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    Rexel I fully understand your point of view, but I was talking of Bukkit from community standpoint in which we try to support one another instead of asking for help from Mojang. I understand what happened and do feel compassion, but most of all I feel anger. Although I am only 16 I have contributed to various group projects. I understand that those who worked hardest on Bukkit are disappointed that their hard work is in ruin at this point. What bothers me is that they do not have a drive to push on as a single entity through the tough times.
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    David_B The main point is that Bukkit == Mojang, and we have yet to receive any word at all from them.
    Besides, I don't like working for free for a huge company.
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    I don't call that a response :p It's a poorly brought attempt at... I don't even know really.

    Anyhow, what I meant more was actual communication in staff channels. We have seen none.
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