Only one type of item in a chest

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by blizzblang, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Due to the upcoming 1.3 update of Minecraft, i need the code/or plugin to limit types items in a chest.
    (i.e. gold can only be placed in one chest and only coal can be placed in another chest)
    I'm planning to make a simple bank system for Emerald , the new minecraft currency.
    When completed emerald can be spent as long as it is the bank. some help with this would be appreciated.
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    Register the chest to a hash map, then if someone tries to put something in chest, check if that is emerald.
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    Assuming you have the inventory object...

    Inventory inv;//inventory in question
    Material type;//material type in question
    ItemStack item; //item stack youre trying to put into the chest
    for(ItemStack is : inv.getContents()){
      if(is != null){
        if(is.getType() == type){
          //prevent placement here
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    I've got the code working for getting the items from the chest.
    but then i use SetAmount,SetTypeid, or SetType, i can delete teh item. i've tried setting the amount to 0. the type to air, and the amount to zero.
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    You have to set an item to null to completely remove it, e.g. with inventory.set(index, null)
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    Got it to work.
    Now i can run a command while looking at a chest and remove all the items inside, exept gold(pre 1.3 currency) .
    Thanks for all the help
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