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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Valeria, Jun 26, 2013.

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    This is nice. Thanks for sharing! ;)
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    So cool haha!
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    Little news:
    Now it speaks Spanish
    New type of figures is available
    minecraft_avatar (24).png minecraft_avatar(5).png Soft_Icecream_minecraft_avatar.png rilor_minecraft_avatar (1).png
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    These look like little pokemon avatars made out of minecraft skins.....

    I LOVE IT!
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    Little news:
    1)More languages on site
    2)REST-style public API:
    Now you can use our service to generate avatars for your users.
    Just do http-GET request in form below:


    <background> background
    trnsp - transparent background
    rad - redial gradient background with auto colors

    <not_found_mode> response in case of absence of skin (non license nick or some other reason)
    not_found - returns 404
    steve - returns avatar made from steve's skin. Useful for communities when not every username is a minecraft player's nick.

    <figure> - figure)
    classic - classic (first of our avatar type)
    tall - figure with separate legs
    round - rounded "pokemon" styled figure


    <size> - width in pixels: 24,32,48,64,96,128


    <nick> - minecraft player's name

    Dont they cute?

    Working on java (netty) + cloudflare as cdn&amp;cache so it must be fast enough.

    Issues,Limitations &amp; etc:
    • Avatars and skins cached for 7 days (maybe we reduce this value later)
    • No "head accessory" right now. (Soon with 1.8 skin support)
    Near future &amp; plans:
    Testing &amp; perfomance tweaks
    API docs on
    Adopt forum avatar plugins to work with our service.

    Question &amp; Reviews are welcomed.
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    Nobody cares ((((
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    Because it is not open source :p
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    and minecraft also ;)
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    Little news:
    * render "head accessory"/"hemlet"
    * new <figure> :
    face - simple boring face

    default - boring frontview
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    Thanks! I like it a lot. I appreciate it.
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    <== Look at my pic, my pic is amazing!
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