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    Hello! I'm looking for a plugin that lets players use a dispenser or obtain an item once only, I can't find anything that does this so if anyone knows of such plugin or would be able to create one that would be fantastic.

    I'll explain in a little more detail. Basically I'm creating a server with custom made quests on, similar to an adventure map but online. E.g. I want players to go from A to B, and then push a button to get a reward, but obviously not spam click the reward or repeat the quest...

    It doesn't necessarily need to be a dispenser either, some sort of sign or zone that registers when you enter it. Main point is - only use once. Maybe it would have to be linked to a mysql database to keep track of players.

    Thank you in advance!
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    I think there is no plugin which allows to take items from a dispenser only one time. I found a similiar plugin to your idea with chests. Click

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    That sounds perfect! I shall try it right now :D

    Thank you very much!
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    In my opinion there is no any plug-in is available for dispensers. You can just try for that by searching dispensers because some on-line companies may suggest you the right choice.
    dispensers [cake]

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