On SOPA, PIPA - a threat to our freedoms

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    Today marks what could possibly be the largest protest across the internet to date. Many people have banded together to show their dislike and support against the SOPA and PIPA legislation and other bills like it.

    I think I can speak for the team that we strongly disagree with such archaic limitations of our freedoms. So why aren't we protesting or blacking out bukkit.org?

    Simple. We feel that we'd be preaching to the choir. Our community is filled with technically informed individuals who have probably already heard of the crisis a hundred times over. A small site like ours going black would achieve little other than causing an inconvenience for everyone. Larger sites like Google, Wikipedia and the like are already sending the message out there loud and clear and are the ones who can really make a difference.

    While the current legislation mostly affects Americans, there are similar bills attempting to be passed in Europe and other areas of the world. As a result, while we feel that a blackout is not necessary, we urge everyone to read up on SOPA, PIPA and similar bills to educate themselves and do what is necessary to stop them from being passed.

    For more information on SOPA and PIPA and why it is a threat to the internet and our freedoms, please see the following sites and/or watch the following videos:
    Don't Censor The Net
    What does SOPA mean for us foreigners

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    On the bright side, if the gov't does decide to f*ck our internet, I can go outside and get a life.
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    boi i already said that

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    In any case, I think the internet was released for the public to share information, not ban it :p
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    That means it's not over yet, we've got to stay focused, otherwise it could slip through when nobody's paying attention.
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    its over now they droped it they are not voting on it at all so no one now has to be afraid about the sopa and the pipa
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    I find something about SOPA quite funny. Most of the supporting companies are ones against piracy if i am correct. Tell me if im wrong but how can you pirate a Ford part or a Bose Stereo system, or even an Adidas shoe for example. All these companies sell items not digital downloads. And also there have been rumours that this hole thing means that they are gunna be scanning everones emails for links and websites like facebook and tumblr wont be able to have the whole post a video link thing because it will be against the piracy law so therefore you will be prosecuted. I dont know about anyone else but i think this is gunna cause alot more bad then it is good :p

    thought id just put my view across :p
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    Great that SOPA and PIPA are gone but have you guys heard about ACTA, Just SOPA with a different name and a wider audience, for who doesn't know about it: Check it out on youtube/wikipedia w/e.
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    F*ck I'm pissed - a PRO SOPA music video?!?!?! Anonymous should hack his channel.

    I hate sarcastic assholes like the "I Love SOPA and PIPA" song - ( ). It pisses me off that someone is Pro SOPA and has to make a song about it!!!

    This guy is probably gonna make a stupid ACTA song now.
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    What about ACTA?
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    You mean the one that is worse than all the other's put together?
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    I heard, it was worse than all of the others put together THEN SQUARED !
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    What about NDAA tho?
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    what was the purpose of the impossible to read font.....?
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    Just changed my pic in protest against PIPA.
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    It implied a voice from far far away that is barley hearable!
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    was very hard to tell. its better to add tfx (text effects, like sound effects), as in *whispers* or *shouts* or *angrily points*
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    It's like a FFA on these forums!
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    because part of the SOPA bill was to stop foreign sites that sold fake versions of real products, hence people that make name brand items wanted the bill to go through, however, companies that were anti-piracy (RIAA MPAA) got on board because it would allow them to go after sites that have anything of their copyrighted software on it (nice loopholes).
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    Did your mother drop you when you where little?
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    What about NDAA tho?

    (cause honestly the other one was just a distraction)
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    Deleted user

    Are you okay?
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    ACTA has passed. Nobody bring their iPods or Phones to the borders.
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    Noooo >.<
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    Whatever happened with this? What did we lose? :(
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    They shelved them, to have a new thing they're trying for... I think. While proving they don't need these to abuse their power already.
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    I hav
    I've been fighting against these stupid legislations alongside my fellow participaters since they were first discussed. I am Glad that you wish not to take part as I can put in enough work for the both of us. ;)
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    It won't pass, even if it does the people won't stand against it and sure enough the government will have riots on their hands. It's just something that will cause a big scene then blow over.
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