On SOPA, PIPA - a threat to our freedoms

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Today marks what could possibly be the largest protest across the internet to date. Many people have banded together to show their dislike and support against the SOPA and PIPA legislation and other bills like it.

    I think I can speak for the team that we strongly disagree with such archaic limitations of our freedoms. So why aren't we protesting or blacking out bukkit.org?

    Simple. We feel that we'd be preaching to the choir. Our community is filled with technically informed individuals who have probably already heard of the crisis a hundred times over. A small site like ours going black would achieve little other than causing an inconvenience for everyone. Larger sites like Google, Wikipedia and the like are already sending the message out there loud and clear and are the ones who can really make a difference.

    While the current legislation mostly affects Americans, there are similar bills attempting to be passed in Europe and other areas of the world. As a result, while we feel that a blackout is not necessary, we urge everyone to read up on SOPA, PIPA and similar bills to educate themselves and do what is necessary to stop them from being passed.

    For more information on SOPA and PIPA and why it is a threat to the internet and our freedoms, please see the following sites and/or watch the following videos:
    Don't Censor The Net
    What does SOPA mean for us foreigners

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    Cool :)

    As a side note, your avatar upload limit seems to be malfunctioning. It refused a 6.2 KB image, while accepting a 164.6 KB image.
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    Could you possibly make the logo link to this discussion, or some site relating to the SOPA/PIPA issue. People are more likely to find out that way.
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    I'm not a very political person, but when I get involved, I'm glad to see that the people's voice still maters.
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    1+ on this.
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    It's great to see people come together to oppose a greater evil, hopefully enough people actually listen to us and understand how wrong and evil SOPA / PIPA is, even better if the people supporting the bills finally get a clue.

    Also it's pretty easy to get around any of the "blocked" websites, they weren't intended it cease functionality, but simply to inform people. Though I am glad Google and some other websites decided to go with the black banner approach or "click here to continue" instead.
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    muhhaahaahhhahhah PIPA wtf that even mean cause in my language its womens hmm thing between her leg hahahahha PIPA wtf ?????????
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    What about all the roads they build?
    Should they not do that? Public services? International relations? Etc?
    Not to be a prick, and this isnt really a discussion thread, just sharing my 2 cents, but yeah a lot of people say that and if you think about it we would all be screwed without the government. Anywho.

    It stands for Protect IP Act -> P.I.P.A
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    It's a shame minecraft.net went for a full shut-down of their website without any way of getting around it, I wanted to change my skin today :(
    I guess that's a true reminder of what might happen...

    EDIT: The logo now links to this thread, thanks EvilSeph :D
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    Done. I was planning to link it to americancensorship.org but it isn't exactly reachable right now.
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    Deleted user

    Good old Canada. <3

    1 question.
    Can you make a feature where if you connect to bukkit.org from outside of the US, we can see the bukkit logo? It's annoying to see the awesome Bukkit logo blocked out because of something happening in another country...

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    It affects all of us, even people outside of the US.
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    If these acts get passed, I'm moving to Canada.
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    Yea, here in the Netherlands the Brein foundation (industry puppet) just won a case versus 2 big ISPs, they now have to block the piratebay, and ANY other IP Brein 'suggests' to them, without interference of a court or something.

    It wont hold, dont worry, but the fact some backward senile judge who doesn't understand the figures he's supposed to judge about can make this work...

    The worst part of Censorship is *****************.
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    Deleted user

    Not as much though.

    BTW, we don't live in igloos.
    Welcome to Canada.

    I suggest you live in Vancouver :D. Peter Chao lives there!

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    Somewhat ya, but unfortunately this does effect us nearly as much as it does Americans.

    @ Magoo1125
    and come to Toronto, its like Vancouver but with less rain :p
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    Knight Hawk3

    That wont do anything, Sites will still be taken down albeit only US based ones
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    Deleted user

    Not as much though. American's have no permission to censor things posted in Canada.
    Suck that SOPA.
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    You need to educate yourself more about what SOPA and P.I.P.A is, they'll affect you as much as they will every other user.
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    Deleted user

    Sorry about not searching up what SOPA and PIPA is, i'm from Canada, and I didn't think that it would really affect us much...
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    See http://www.speakoutoncopyright.ca/
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    Deleted user

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    Those are services the Gov Provide
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    Yes it will affect us as much. How would you feel if you couldn't use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter?
    If you're out side the US go to this link: http://americancensorship.org/modal/state-dept-petition/index.html
    EvilSeph Can you put that link on the OP? I know you have a link to americancensorship.org already but just say go to this if you're non-US, I think if everyone outside the US did this, the US government might actually realise how many people this affects.
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    They are trying a British student for an american censorship crime in america (it wasnt illegal in his home country where he lives)

    And they didnt need SOPA/PIPA to do it as is.
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    He answered that
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    Knight Hawk3

    When say Facebook gets de-listed from US ISP's, Facebook will have just lost a HUGE amount of revenue they might keep going but they will probably end up having to shut down because they are getting no US based traffic
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    Deleted user

    I just signed the petition with all 5 of my emails...
    I suppose...
    Is it overloaded or something?

    The internet is feeling awfully sluggish today...
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    I can't link to a website that barely loads...
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    Email the Senate. I did I got replies in less than 3-4 weeks
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    Deleted user

    Replies that were from a bot or from a real person o.o.
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