On namespaces - please do NOT use *.bukkit in your plugins.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by EvilSeph, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Okay this is useful but I couldn't decide this and don't know if it possible to ignore packages which are getting sealed.

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    I edited his post to give a warning and PM'd samkio.
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    What about me.ChrizC.<pluginname>

    Like I use me.ChrizC.stockexchange ?

    Chris :cool:
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    my.plugin.<username>.<pluginname> :D
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    So since I own worldcretornica.com I could use
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    Don Redhorse

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    Even though i have marvinbek.net, i use me.Delocaz.(pluginname), because my first plugin YARP (on my first forum account marvinbek, i got a new one because of BukkitDev) was me.marvinbek.YARP because i didn't own the domain back then and i kept that layout for consistency's sake.
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    Do caps matter? I used me.Bogdacutu.* without realizing that there are this kind of rules.
    By the way, I own bogdacutu.me :D
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    In Java, package names are usually in lowercase.
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    That's really sad, will keep in mind.

    Wait a second, my plugin name has uppercase letters too ^.^
  13. For whatever reason, package names are lowercase but classnames are title cased.
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    So i chose "de.plain-solution.<pluginname>", but eclipse says: 'plain-solution' is not a valid Java identifier :(
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    Instead of putting .Bukkit, could you put .BukkitPlugin? I don't see anything wrong with that?
  17. The problem is that Java naming conventions tell you to use a domain name that you actually own. If you don't own a domain, an email that you own works too, like com.mail.myusername.SuperPlugin.
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    Don't know if it's safe to keep using, but is core or root as a standalone package work fine? I always had my plugins just dive right into something, nothing like something.something2.zomg.wut
    Here's what I mean
  19. There's nothing keeping you from using no package name at all. It's just weird.
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    I tried using no package name, or just (default package). Trust me, Bukkit spews out errors like if it just died or something.
  21. Mind if I see those errors? I haven't got a working Bukkit dev system anymore.
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    Even if I own bukkit.in ?
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    I've been using psy.plugin. Is there anything wrong with this?
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    psychic94 No. If you use org.bukkit/net.minecraft/com.bukkit/anything affiliated with Bukkit or Net.minecraft then change it.
  26. I just use (" moc.tikkub.worldofkhriz ") [gold] . Ain't no one gonna tell me I'm doing anything wrong![sheep] cause they'd be just mad that I'm too smart to mock their security:mad: cause that'd mean I'm actually wrong ._.

    Following the Copyright (c) laws and / or the bukkit rules [diamond] I'm gonna be in jail 5 years I'm not doing anything wrong nor illegal. :eek:
    Also if required, Following the Java statement about Namespaces: I'm pretty sure my namespace is already used very unique and won't be repeated, so I'm alright. Guys, please, don't worry so much for something so small and start working on your Plugin's bugs ;) [sheep]. Just DON'T use (org, com, net).bukkit.etc and everything will be alright.
    To be honest all the confusion started because EvilSeph someone said to use domain names when is not actually necessary.

    PS: Lets all use moc.tikkub.<Busername> as namespace xD. (Yes No, I have haven't copyrighted that shit, so its fine :D) Maybe i'll write a tutorial myself stating that using moc.tikkub.<Busername>is going to cause your plugin to crash recommendable. (Jk). :rolleyes:

    PS2: I like Sheeps and Cheese. [sheep]

    PS3: Tsss~.... [creeper]

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    First, your post is very annoying in terms of text stylization, strikethroughs, and emoticons. Second, it's a Java convention to use a domain name if available, and if not, use another method mentioned. It's also acceptable to disclude the domain/name/email in favor of using the project name as the main package. You can also just use the default package (that is to say, none) in the same way that Minecraft itself does.
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    So what about hyphens, not that I have used the bukkit namespace, i dont like using github...


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    Are you aloud to use it any other way, like anyway you want? like {username}.{pluginname}.*
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    T3h Cr33p3r
    So I'm guessing that is a yes. Based on you saying no, and giving the most random package name ever leads me to the conclusion that I am aloud to
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