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    ClockSign - Clock generator for timed redstone circuits
    Version: v1.2

    See also:
    IC Generator

    This plugin can produce a clock for timed redstone circuits.
    By clock I mean a control signal, like digital circuit clock (usually known as the CLK signal), not a 24 hour clock.

    The reason I made this plugin was because we needed a clock for some circuits, but there was no way to keep it running after a server reboot and it would often change it's duration when the server lagged.
    This plugin gives a clean 50/50 duty cycle (50% of the time high, 50% of the time low) and will work as soon as the chunk the clock is in is loaded

    To build a clock do the following:
    1. Place a block (I would suggest cobblestone)
    2. Place a sign on top of that block with atleast the text "clocksign" (without the quotes) on the first line
    3. Add a number on the second line to indicate how much time (1 = 0.1 seconds, 2 = 0.2 seconds...) there have to be between switching from high to low/visa versa
    4. Add the text "sync" (without the quotes) on the third line to sync the clock with any other synced clocks (globally)
    5. Add lever(s) to the side of the block you placed at #1 (it/they can be on the north, east, south and/or west side of the block)
    NOTE: this has to be the block the sign is standing on, not next to the sign itself!

    The clocks will be registered with the plugin when the chunk they're in is loaded and unregistered when the chunk is unloaded.
    This means that only clocks that are in currently loaded chunks will actually work.

    You can disable a clock using redstone by placing redstone wire right next to the sign (that is north, west, south or east of the sign), on the same level, and power the redstone. Either place it before you place the sign or do /clocksign reload to make sure the sign sees the redstone wire.

    • Generate a clock for timed redstone circuits
    • Synchronize with any other clock registered
    • Tap the lever to swap the levels (when it was going to be high before, it will now be low and visa versa)
    • Use 2 or more levers to get the clock and it's inverse directly, instead of with 1 torch delay
    • Keeps working after a server reboot
    • Disable clocks with redstone wire, the wire has to be placed before the sign is built, or you have to do /clocksign reload after you've placed the redstone
    • Reload clocks manually when required with /clocksign reload
    • Use /cs, /csign and /clock as aliases for /clocksign
    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5202392/ClockSign.jar

    Sources are included in the .jar

    • Check whether the disable redstone is on as soon as the sign is registered, to ensure the sign is disabled after a server reboot or /clocksign reboot while the disable wire is high.

    • Added a command to manually reload all clocks in your current world, i.e. the world the command was executed from (the command will *not* work from the server console!)
    • Added a way to disable the clock signs by redstone, simply put redstone on the *same* level as the sign itself, next to the sign, and turn the redstone on to disable the sign

    • Fixed the ConcurrentModificationException and the IllegalStateException

    • Fixed a bug that caused all levers belonging to the same clock sign to be forced into the same state. Now they will only be forced into the same state when the sign is placed and it's a synced clock

    • Released my plugin
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    I won't be working on this for a couple of weeks/months, got some other things I want to do
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    Seems to stop work from time to time, not so reliable at the moment, other than that its awesome.
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    Okay, and if i want to make a sign, that turns on at set time (once a day), works for the specified amount of minutes (15 min, for example), generating set impulse (on\off every 2 seconds). Is it possible using this plugin? Or it only generates impulse?

    For my purposes, i will need to build complex scheme with gates? Any ideas how can i do what i described?

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