On Death Respawn in another world.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by VanDroste, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Hi guys, I've been using Bukkit for a while but this is my first time in the forums, I came here because I've been searching for answers and I couldn't find one.
    I'm setting up a server that has got 4 worlds, Spawn, WitherKingdom, SkellyKingdom, UndeadKingdom, and I also have got the normal 'world', nether and end.
    Problem is, if I die in one of these worlds I will respawn in 'Spawn' but not in the spawn point. Like, I had problems with the spawn point, I used to do /setspawn, it did set one but didn't worked but then I figured out it was the Multiverse plugin and that I had to do /mv set spawn, but, after those things, the spawn point on respawn is in a different location! I also tried editing Multiverse configs like respawnWorld = 'world', I tried it with commands like /mvm set respawn [world] , I did a lot of things but nothing seems to work, it keeps spawning in that exact spot!

    Plugins i'm using:
    commandbook, controlTPA, CustomSpawners, EpicBossREcoded, Gringotts, Hoams, LoginSecurity, LWC, mcjobs, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Portals, PermissionsBukkit, PluginMetrics, PvPTime, Shop, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.
    Hoping I can get some help, thanks!

    This is solved

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    thanks for NOT sharing your method.. luring googlers here only to find that someone found the answer but declined to share it...
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    What is your method? It is always a good help for other users looking for the answer. Exactly what Intangir said.
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    On respawn, setRespawnLocation(loc)
    Where loc can be in another world.
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    I'm sorry guys! I'm new here... Here's how I solved it.

    I had the Hoams plugin and in the properties it had "GoHomeOnRespawn" , so I was teleing home and didn't know, that's why the spawn points didn't match, just set it to false!
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