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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dropix, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. Minecraft version: Spigot 1.16.2 (Paper)

    Suggested name: Old Sharpness

    What I want:
    I would like to have a plugin, which changes the way how the sharpness enchantment works. Instead of adding 0.5 damage per level, it should be 1.25 damage per level again, like in the older versions.

    Ideas for commands:
    No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:
    No permissions needed for this plugin
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    Would you still like this?
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  5. First of all, thanks for your work guys, but it seems like I dont get it to work somehow, the sharpness addition just keeps being the same somehow. Is there any setup or something required or am I just kinda retarded?
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    How did you check the sharpness addition? By looking at the weapon's stats, or by the actual damage it causes?

    For simplicity, my version of the plugin did not meddle with injection to alter the maths that's done in the standard routines - it will not show on the sword stats. Instead, I've added extra damage to compensate for the enchantment change, affecting the actual damage.
  7. Oh yea, my damage indicator got it somehow incorrectly as well after some math, it actually does apply the correct amount of damage, thanks a lot to both of you guys ^^
    I just wanna know, would there be any way to add the correct number to the weapons stats as well? that would be awesome :)
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    Not showing the actual damage increase on the weapon stats is bad indeed.
    To accomplish that, we'd probably have to hack into the game layer classes with reflection, and I wanted to make it simple, and not version dependent.

    Right now I'm busy working on a Roblox game, but after reaching the next milestone there, I can readdress this matter.
  9. Allright, no pressure man. Thanks for the help anyways :)
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