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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KayoticSully, Jun 19, 2011.

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    My server specs are an AMD Athlon II x2 250 3.0GHz process or with 8GB of ram.

    I have tried running with Bukkit builds 840, 860 and 899 and I have the same problem with all of them. The problem started randomly when I upgraded to build 860 and I cant get it to go away since.

    The processor gets pegged randomly and then the entire server starts lagging and people start dropping (there are at most 6 people on the server). I can't see why any of this would happen. It seems to be happening more when new chunks, which makes sense, but it never used to be a problem.

    The plugins I am running are: Big Brother, Citizens, dynmap, Essentials, Essentials Protect, Essentials Spawn, iConomy, Permissions, Permissions Sql (im not using the DB version though but I dont think this would be a problem), and Regios.

    I would love to open up my server to more than 6 people, but I need to figure out this overload thing first. If it is a hardware problem then I have no problem upgrading the server but I want to be sure before I spend the money.
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    The random server crashing and lagging seems to be a known issue. My server will crash anytime between 15 minutes and an hour and a half. Doesn't matter what plugins, any or none at all, or how many people are on.
    The only things I can think of it being is either JAVA or CB.
    I'd suggest installing rtoolkit, it will restart the server if it crashes for longer than the heartbeat setting. Which at default is 5 minutes
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    How much ram are you allocating to the server and what's your cpu usage?
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