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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Binner_Done, Oct 5, 2015.

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    Just a note to the Forum Moderators, I don't mean for this to be a support question but it is about offline mode so feel free to lock it, i wont take offense ;) (But I do have a fence in minecraft I have to remove, so I will take that)

    I was wondering if this is sort of 'acceptable' with minecraft. I read a while ago that when the auth servers are down some servers go into offline mode to allow players to still join, is that 'safe'? If they don't have a plugin like authme is it dangerous? On my server (Currently under maintenance) I go into offline mode when auth servers are down, I know that's ok because no other players can join but if the server isn't in maintenance then I'm not sure weather to temp. get an offline plugin

    This is a weird question I thought of asking. Also, what are the real risks of offline mode, is it just that people can 'be' you?

    Thanks, Jack
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    The main thing would probably be people imitating you. With a cracked client you're able to use any username you want, so a player could join with your username and be you. However, with servers that use UUIDs (1.7.x (I forget the exact version) and higher) they will generate a random fake UUID, so I don't think that a user can get yours. Of course, if any plugins don't have UUID support then that's at risk. With AuthMe, at least you can set up your offline mode account and keep it safe just in case.

    In the case that you present (switching to offline mode only when authentication servers are down), it is "acceptable". Offline mode is still there for a reason, and it's to not authenticate with Mojang. This is used for many different things, but especially cracked servers. It's similar to how torrenting isn't illegal, because you could take some photos on vacation or something and make a torrent to share it, which is completely fine. However, it's obviously illegal to pirate movies.

    If you needed to switch to offline mode a lot, it might be cool to have AuthMe on for online mode players to make an account when they join, and when you're in offline mode then have it so that new accounts can't be created if that's possible with the plugin. This would then allow only premium players that've made an account to join. Only problem I can see is again, the whole UUID thing.
  3. Players can join with a Cracked client, meaning they could change their username to yours, and join as you.

    The best thing to do is wait for the minecraft authentication servers to come back up.
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    @Binner_Done, this, while it may seem like a good idea, introduces a LOT of problems, not only short term, but long term.

    If a player was to join the server for the first time while the server is offline and then is switched to online, you have just corrupted that user's data for the time the server was in offline mode. Congratulations! What happens is that when data is saved with a UUID with a offline server, there is a nearly 100% chance that any actions done by the user will be forgotten, because their UUID changes back to the correct one and not the random generated one from offline. Anyone who has signed in before will not experience any issues, but you could have a lot of issues with new users. And this is before the security issues are even discussed. People can tell that your server is offline when this happens.
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    @Tecno_Wizard Yeah, I noticed that when I did swap to offline, I wasn't op and I didn't have my group set and when a new user joined (On offline) I saw in console it said "Essentials Creating New UUID" or something.

    Edit; Concluding this, I think I shall install authme and allow all my 'regulars' to make sure they have an account ;)
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    @Binner_Done I know that there are threads around telling our reasons for locking etc, can't find them now though (to lazy to search)
    Best thing to do when auth servers are down: wait till they get back up. Will save you some issues with accounts like our tecno wizard mentioned.
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    @Tecno_Wizard No reason to, OP's not trying to get help/support for an offline-mode server. Imo it's borderline lockable, but since OP's server is normally online-mode then asking the fallbacks of using offline-mode while authentication servers are down but only allowing premium players to join isn't necessarily a reason to be locked.

    Of course, if Binner_Done was trying to get help while his server was in offline-mode that's a different story ;)
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