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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zombiemann, Feb 14, 2011.

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    NOTE: This is a copy and paste of a post I made on the "official" minecraft forums. Since I am not sure if it is a Bukkit issue or a minecraft issue, I figured I would ask in both places.

    OK, I have been running a private server for myself and a few others for a while now and I am suddenly getting random blocks of dirt floating in the air in some chunks.

    Server hardware:
    Intel Xeon 3.2ghz (one)
    1gb PC2100 ram
    Ultra320 SCSI 36gb 10krpm HDD (6 drives in a raid array)

    Server Software
    Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick)
    Essentials Plugin
    Minecart Mania Plugin

    Been using the exact same set up for a while now and never had this issue. When the issue started I updated everything, including plug ins. Still having the same issue.

    I am wondering if anybody else has seen this. I will try and post screen shots in a little bit.
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    dynmap was the last known culprit for this..
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    Thanks Mughi, I was using Dynmap for a while but took it out. It could have caused it when I was using it, and I didn't notice.
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    is there a way to revert it ? without rollback the map
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    Correction, Dynmap combined with magic carpet that caused the problems. I'd suggest removing Magic carpet before dynmap, but that's just me.

    I do not know of any way to revert it besides restoring from backup.
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    Never used Magic Carpet
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    I am fairly certain the issue was due to them being combined, but I could be wrong. I run Dynmap v12.1 and haven't seen that myself.
    What CB build are you running?
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    Build 319, I don't see the point in updating more than about once a week. Usually on Sunday. The problem existed before I updated this last time, but I am not sure how long it has been there.
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    Thanks TNT.. I wondered why I wasn't seeing it, but i'm several versions behind and figured it was something to do with the new full mapper thing.. Good to know, since I don't use Magic Carpet
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    Ok, i'm having a similar issue. Yesterday I noticed a single cobblestone block way up in the sky, I just shrugged it off. The next day 2 16x16 chunks were "reset"

    I'm using the magic carpet plugin but have never used Dynmap

    screenshots attached

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    Yea, I've had that happen a few times as well Drew. But like I said earlier, I have never used magic carpet. The only plug ins I have used other than Essentials and Minecart Mania, are dynmap, and General, before Essentials came out
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    I really don't think this is a plug in issue as I've never used Dynmap, or any mapping plugins/mods for that matter.
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