NPC Trading [Request]

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    Hello Id like to request for a plugin,

    Recommended Name : Customtraders

    what it should do :

    The plugin should be able to spawn a npc that sells certain custom items, such as a enchanted bow or something like that, Or, Should be able to alter a NPC to make it sell certain things

    Command Recommendations :

    /ct alter sell [itemnameinHEX] [enchantment] [enchantment level] [amount] [cost in emeralds]

    eg :

    /ct alter sell 1 protection 3 9 9

    9 stone blocks with protection 3 selling for 9 emeralds

    /ct alter buy

    and the same there

    If anyone does know a plugin that does this, Do tell please!
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    (Sorry, I couldn't resist :D)
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