Inactive [NOT SUPPORTED] [ADMN/FUN/RPG/SEC] JailLikeHell v5.4.1 - Jail and Torture Players! [1.2.5-R5.0]

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    JailLikeHell - A Fork of SimpleJail!
    Click Here For JailLikeHell On BukkitDev!

    JailLikeHell Version: 5.4.1
    Current Downloads: 0+
    Is theplugin Jail too complicated, or are you just looking for a simple jail plugin that tortures jailed players? Well, JailLikeHell is the solution to your problems!
    JailLikeHell is a fork of the plugin SimpleJail. It has more commands, and more functions than SimpleJail, as well as Jail Protection, so prisoners cannot break out! The jail is also targeted by lightning when set using /jlh setjail. This happens every 10 seconds! The lightning does not do any damage too, so jailed players can't respawn and start griefing/harassing again.
    To use this plugin, you must first select the jail point and the unjail (release) point by using the commands in this plugin (command list is located down below). You can then choose to either protect your jail, or not by using the protection commands in this plugin. Jailing a player will demote a player to the group specified in the config.yml (plugins/JailLikeHell), and unjailing him will promote him back to the player's original group.

    - Easy Customization
    - Use /jlh setjail and /jlh setunjail to easily set the two jail and unjail locations!
    - Players' initial groups are saved, so a normal jailed player will revert to a normal rank when unjailed, and a player with the VIP class will revert to the VIP class
    - Set the group that jailed players will be demoted to in the config file
    - Multiworld support!
    - Jail protection!
    - Jail will get hit by lightning every 10 seconds!
    - Players will get tortured by angry wolves, and will be effected by confusion!

    Jail Effects:

    This plugin needs the following plugins:
    1. Vault
    1. PermissionsEx or PermissionsBukkit or bPermissions
    I didn't not make these plugins, my plugin just needs them.

    Note: These commands are for JailLikeHell v4.1.2 and higher. For the command list for JailLikeHell v1.2.1 and down (for CraftBukkit <1337), please refer to the BukkitDev page for this plugin (link is in the top of this thread).

    [] = Needed <> = Optional

    /jlh info - Shows all JailLikeHell related commands.
    /jlh jail [player] <time> - Jails a player! Do not enter the time if you want that player to be permanently jailed!
    /jlh unjail [player] - Unjails a player!
    /jlh setjail - Sets a jail point! Stand on top of the point you want the jail to be.
    /jlh setunjail - Set an unjail (release) point! Stand on top of the point yo want the unjail point to be.
    /jlh jailtime - Checks the remaining tempjail time (if tempjailed)
    /jlh wand - Spawns a wand for selecting 2 points with! You can also use it as a jail stick if you want an RPG feeling! Just punch a player with the wand to jail him!
    /jlh protect - Protects the area set!
    /jlh unprotect - Unprotects the area set so you can make modifications!

    Permissions Nodes:
    Note: These permissions nodes only work when using PermissionsBukkit or PermissionEx or bPermissions

    JailLikeHell.jail - Allows a player to jail another player!
    JailLikeHell.unjail - Allows a player to unjail (release) another player!
    JailLikeHell.protect - Allows a player to protect an area set!
    JailLikeHell.unprotect - Allows a player to unprotect an area set! - Allows a player to access the /jlh info command!
    JailLikeHell.wand - Allows a player to spawn a wand!
    JailLikeHell.setjail - Allows a player to set the jail point, and set the unjail (release) point!
    JailLikeHell.jailtime - Allows a player to check the remaining tempjail time (if tempjailed)!
    JailLikeHell.bypassProtection - Allows a player to bypass the Jail Protection!
    JailLikeHell.jailstick - Allows a player to use the jail stick feature! Spawn the jail stick by using /jlh wand!

    1. Download and put the latest version of JailLikeHell in your plugins folder.
    2. Add the necessary permissions nodes to your permissions.yml
    3. Make a jailed group. This will be the group prisoners will be transferred to when jailed. When unjailed, they will be transferred to their original group again. Give your jailed group the permissions nodes you want your prisoners to have. I suggest:
    This will allow players to not be able to build. The jailed group's name should be (with a capital J):
    4. Start your server!
    5. Remember to check back here once in a while to update JailLikeHell.
    Note: If you really, really want your Jailed group to be named something else, change the jailed group name in the config.yml located in the JailLikeHell folder (plugins/JailLikeHell).

    Making a Jail:
    1. Spawn a wand using /jlh wand.
    2. Make the jail.
    3. Stand inside the jail, and use /jlh setjail.
    4. Select the two corners where your jail is by left and right-clicking (World-Edit/cuboid style).
    5. Use /jlh protect.
    6. Stand where you want the unjail (release) location to be, and use /jlh setunjail.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    JailLikeHell Source Code
    This plugin uses a TPL license, courtesy of tyzoid. If you'd like to see a copy of the license, look here.
    I changed the download so it'll direct you to, then to the Dropbox link so I can track how many downloads I get :D. If you're interested on how many downloads i'm getting, check out <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    Older downloads can be found on BukkitDev.

    Full plugin statistics can be found here.

    Here's a list of bugs that you guys might have encountered. I've found solutions for them, and i've put them here for you guys! If the solution still doesn't work, send me a ticket on BukkitDev!

    Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/milkbowl/vault/permission/Permission
    Full error here:
    Solution: Download Vault. The link for Vault is at the top of this page. There is no configurations or permissions needed for Vault, just put it in your plugins folder, and start your server!

    Plugin Conflicts:
    - SimpleJail
    - Jail
    Remove these plugins if you'd like to use JailLikeHell. These plugins already have jailing features, and will interfere with JailLikeHell.

    JailLikeHell v5.4.1:
    - Added permissions node: JailLikeHell.jailstick
    - Added jail stick function to /jlh wand
    - Added more jail effects: Slow breaking, no damage to others
    - Added warning which will trigger when a player attempts to jail a player when there is no jail.

    Older changelogs can be found on the BukkitDev page for this plugin.

    If you'd like to know when a new update is coming out, please follow me!
    <font color="#939393">と(٥ ٥)つ Come now, surely we can be friends. と(٥ ٥)つ</font>

    If you'd like to support JailLikeHell, put this in your signature:
    BBCode for it can be found here.

    @ShootToMaim for coding most of this plugin!
    @-_Husky_- for some coding help!
    @H31IX for some coding help, and for a new Jail API!
    @se1by for some coding help!
    @tyzoid for a lot of coding help!
    @imjake9 for making the SimpleJail plugin!

    Any suggestions? Post them here!

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    A few minor things would make this perfect for my server:

    -Ability to disable changing of perms when jailed
    -Ability to set the spawn of jailed players
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    what do u mean the ability to change perms. how would they change perms. and u can set the spawn for jiled people and when they get unjailed
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    Deleted user

    As for the ability to disable changing of perms when jailed, it will be added into JailLikeHell v1.4.x.
    As for the ability to set the spawn of jailed players, you can already do that.
    By using /setjail, you can set the jail point, and by using /setunjail, you can set the unjail point.

    You deserve a medal.

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    ty but the like button will suffice (never spelled that word before)
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    Deleted user

    UPDATE ON JAILLIKEHELL v1.3.5: It will be out in approximately 3 days.
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    I mean set a point where they respawn if they die. Would be pretty easy for a jailed person to run /killme. :p
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    Deleted user

    I'll add that to the to-do list on a high-priority.
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    wait so u mean if they de in jail where do they spawn. or u mean disalow use of a certain perm. because i belive if they die in jail they just go back. and if ure woried about them using commands, get rid of them in perms

    i know not priority but in todo list yellow on white backrond hard to see :p

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    Deleted user

    I'll change it to green then.
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    ty... wait.... OLIVE GREEN!!!!!!! I HATE OLIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. jk :p
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    how do you make it so when you jail someone they atomatically go to the prisoner class? I use permissionsEX
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    u just have to make a jailed group in ure pex permisions file. and in the jlh config file put the jailed group as the same as it is in ur pex. it is recomended u make ur group called Jaied for it is the default and when u /jail they automatically get moved to the jailed group u specifed and teleported to the jail u also specified
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    Someone PLease help my frifers on my server can use /home to get out of jail!
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    this plugin is still broken but is upposed to be fixed soon enough. otherwise make sure that in ur jailed group they dont have the permission to do that or that they inherit it in any way
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    Deleted user

    The code is harder to fix than I thought it would. There's a critical bug with the jailing part of the plugin, where I tried to fix the jail group problem. I can't give you the date that this plugin will be fixed, but I can tell you that we are 75% done the fixing.

    What exactly is a "frifer"?
    I can't help you with the /home thing, because if I implemented a feature where all permissions nodes are automatically revoked when a player is jailed, it might screw up PermissionsEx.

    If your question is: "How do you make a "Jailed" group", make the group like you would make any other group.
    If your question is: "How can you change the "Jailed" group name, go to the config.yml in the generated JailLikeHell folder, and change the group name from Jailed to <your group name here>.

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    i did that it still didnt work is it supposed to automatically change your rank?
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    yes but its broken

    NEED THISSSSSSSSSS not pestering but what is eta

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    Deleted user

    2-3 days...
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    Can you please make it so that if you send the player to jail that they are not allowed to use commands? That would help a TON!!!! People are just doing /home and getting out, its really stupid.
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    Maybe I'm missing something, but for all these features people want, a lot of it could be accomplished just by editing the permissions of the Jailed group, no? In my config, I've modified the Jailed group so that they have: false
    essentials.*: false

    The players can't do jack when jailed, regardless of which plugins are installed. However, this means more manual editing of the permissions config file to negate any permissions added by other plugins.
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    Deleted user

    I've already posted this in the above.
    If I mess with PermissionsEx or PermissionsBukkit, it might mess up the whole permissions plugin itself.
    "What do you mean by 'mess'?" you ask.
    If you send the player to jail then they are not allowed to use commands.
    That feature.
    Sorry for sounding rude, that's not my intention, i'm just kind of annoyed that people are asking that question on and on again :p.
    If you really need that feature, ask imjake9, the original author of SimpleJail. :/

    I'll see what I can do about that in the future, but it'll be a long ways off (maybe 1-2 months?), definitely AFTER I get JailLikeHell v1.3.5 for CraftBukkit 1.1. Sorry for your inconvenience.
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    Add the player to a List or Set.
    Check if it contains the player and if it does cancel all events.
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    Perhaps I wasn't clear. I'm not asking you to do anything, and I'm not inconvenienced in any way. I was just commenting that a lot of people seem to be asking you to implement features that they could easily manage themselves via permissions. For example, there was a guy complaining his jailed users could still run /home. Well, if he disabled essentials or other plugin commands that enable /home then the problem is solved without you having to code a single line. It's way too much work for you to analyze every plugin out there and then disable them dynamically, and I wasn't asking you to do that. I'm a fairly new server admin that is running an 8-player map for my kids and their friends and I just wanted confirmation that my understanding of how all this stuff inter-relates was correct.
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    Deleted user

    There is no ETA on when JailLikeHell will be out. My developers (including me) have no time to work on this right now.
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    With the PermissionExDownload and PermissionsBukkit, do you need both or just 1?
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    Deleted user

    Just one is fine.
    I'm not sure what PermissionExDownload is though...
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    So hows this thing goin?
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    Its going alright, i am recoding most if this, it should be working about 7 dwys
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    you should add the ability to choose two places, and any jailed person would be allowed to move around, as long as they stayed in within the marked boundaries? that way, people would be able to mock and torment anyone in a prison!
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    Deleted user

    There are currently some issues with Eclipse right now that I have to solve first.
    Thank you for your patience everyone!
    I assure you, you can expect this plugin to be out in 1 week or so.

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