Not really a plugin as much as a universal installer..?

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    My apologies, I couldn't think of a better place to put this.. I feel that if someone developed a plugin to configure something like Permissions, and then allow plugins to interact with the aforementioned plugin to automatically allow certain groups to do certain things.

    For example:

    The program uses a GUI. This GUI has a "Permissions Mode," which has tabs that you name(Guest, Regular, Moderator, Admin) and then you add the people's names in a list under each tab.

    The GUI then has a "Plugin Mode," which you add the plugins to. The plugins then add a tab to the Plugin Mode GUI. The Plugin tab then has a drop down list for each Permission the plugin needs, that you select from the Permissions Mode Tabs.

    So.. Say I add myself, "X," and two friends named "Y" and "Z".

    Under the "Permissions Mode," I add myself, X, to the Admin tab, Y goes to Moderator, and Z gets stuck as a Regular.

    I then add the Plugin "Tele++" for example, to the "Plugin Mode." I click over to the Tele++ Tab, and there it is, a GUI with a dropdown list for EACH command.

    "TP to Player" - I set to Regular. This allows Regulars, Moderators and Admins to use the TP to Player command.
    "TP to World" - I set to Admin, this allows only Admins to use it.
    "TP Back" - Moderators. Moderator and Admins only.

    Get it? ^^; I realize this would require the plugins to support the GUI, but I feel like it would be a MUCH more efficient way to configure and use plugins. I also feel that it would remove 99% of the "Permissions!? HALP!?" posts on the forum.
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    Bump.. Any comments..?

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