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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: McArcadeCoconutShy

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugin, which will allow me to put slimes (preferred babys) on fences [Make sure they can not move.] and shoot them with either a bow and arrow or a snowball. They will get 1$ for killing 2, 10$ for killing 5 and 0$ for killing 0. If you can then can you make it right click to place the baby slimes, Preferred economy to be: iConomy

    Ideas for commands: /bs - gives feather, which on right click spawns a baby slime which doesn't move

    Ideas for permissions: Mcarcade.bs - Able to spawn the slimes

    When I'd like it by: At latest, 26/10/13
  2. This looks interesting, I could try some things but the deadline is depressing me :0
    I'm hired by 2 servers you know :p
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    Jackcheetham I am making this right now. Ill have it done in a few hours.

    <Edit by Jade: Offtopic.>

    Jackcheetham Plugin completed
    • The plugin will not be posted on Bukkit Dev anytime soon as it would be a waste of my time writing out what this thing does.
    • If you make a version of this plugin out of this plugin (clone project edit files) you MUST give me credit in that plugin.
    • If anyone is caught not following those rules i will remove the source code from the public.
    • (These bullet points are subject to change at any time.)
    Before i give you the source you need to know a few things...
    1. It is not tested. If you end up using this plugin and find a bug please tell me i will try to fix it immediately.
    2. I wrote this plugin in about 3 hours. So, there will most likely be errors. (I also didn't know what i was doing)
    3. If you want a feature added to this plugin send me a private message with the title "CoconutSpy request"
    4. I will not help you compile the plugin, edit the plugin, or coach u on how to use the plugin.
    The Plugin
    Commands: /cs​
    Permissions: coconutspy.use​

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    • Keep threads on topic -- who you develop for and why isn't relevant to this.
    Goblom My turn for a brag:

    Dev on 1 server, thats going to release with 1k + people on. Can't give away much detail, but we have 7 developers, a custom builder and web developer and a owner that has lots of experience. The server isn't up yet, trust me you'll be hearing about it. Oh, and SSunde will come and review on it. One of the dev's has a lot of connections, and so does the owner. 1 hint: TheGamersCave
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    • Keep threads on topic -- who you develop for and why isn't relevant to this.
    JPG2000 (because i like to brag)

    Connections @ The Hive. Staff on MCGamer. Old server manager for Graser10. Connections to Minecade ;p Shall i continue ;)
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    Jade Can you come and pick up this topic? My eyes hurt from the "omg #brag #sweg #imoponmojang.net" posts.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

  8. If you want I write the whole thing out for you :D
    You are the author and maintainer and I am tester(or just nothing haha)

    but the point is, I don't mind to write it down and put some screenshots at it :D

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