(not complaining): What causes BukkitDev's slow load?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by rtainc, Mar 18, 2013.

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    I've always wondered this. It's obviously something to do with being so dynamic of a page, as it's so much faster with static pages.

    Do they work on it, or do they just leave it? I don't have too big'a problem with it.
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    Loads fine for me...
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    Deleted user

    It is kind of slow... even if you have good internet.
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    I agree, it's quite slow, and I know I have a pretty good connection.
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    It seems to be slow for me almost all the time, and I have a great connection of 30/2 consistently.
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    Well it's not instant but I wont call it "slow", I have 150/150
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    Loads instantly for me, and I only have 0.6 MBPS download speeds. xD

    Sounds like it might be a ping issue. Does anyone know the physical location of the site?
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    The IP's, but I'm too lazy to look it up >.>
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    Couldn't find a very specific location, but it's hosted in the USA. Probably somewhere in Atlanta, or Chicago, assuming that I'm right in being slow due to ping. (Those cities are closer to me, meaning I'd have a faster connection, possibly.)

    Idk, just tossing some possibly useful information out there.
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    Looks like
    Madison, Alabama.
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    Oh, so close. Cool, well, it's pretty safe to say that if you live in pretty much any country that's not in North America, it's going to take a while to load. If you do live in North America and it's still slow, then I'm completely out of ideas.
  12. Road trip!
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    I recommend they setup some caching system. I find the load horrendously slower than it needs to be.
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    [diamond] diamond for you.
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    Like CloudFlare? Something like that would also allow for 100% uptime, not that they need it :p
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    Cloudflare helps a lot. But there are more caching systems out there; the more, the better. They will increase the operating costs because they will use more ram, but the pages will load much faster.
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    Yes, but CloudFlare wouldn't require them to use more RAM, which is always helpful and basically a blanket fix.
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    Yes, my fault. However, the caching system that comes with xenforo will certainly use more RAM.
    I'm not sure why they don't use Cloudflare.
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    I do find it can be slow at times, and from that IP I get approx. 135ms despite living in the UK.
    I would expect it of a server that hosts many, many plugins, I can assume the database would be rather bulky :p
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    Cloudflare can be a bit... annoying.

    They should just make the pages less dynamic, and use some file-based storages rather than MySQL databases for the heavily accessed part if needed.

    Edit: Things like wow.curseforge.com are loading just as slow. Must be a problems with either their servers, internet, or something like that.

    It may seem odd, but the larger the site, the smaller-end the servers should be. HostGator is a hosting company for starting businesses, but loads 100x faster than many dedicated/self- hosting solutions.
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    Well to give an answer to that could you provide more informations like "What does slow mean to you?" more importantly "When is it slow" because it depends on what action you do.

    For example if you want to edit a page or if you just want to view them.

    I disagree that having dynamic content slows down the page. This really depends on what you generate.

    In my case dev.bukkit loads fast ( 1.6 to 2 seconds) but slows down like hell when i want to edit content. I did not looked into that because i dont have to edit the content that often and because i moved the ticket system to an external ressource i dont really care at the moment.

    If you can provide more info maybe i could give you my opinion to that matter.
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    It's pretty slow when doing things like checking your PMs, or going to home/ in general. I ended up making my own ticket system (http://tickets.rtainnovations.com/imonies/) and I'm allowing any plugin developers to use it if they want (just request.) I'm using 100% file storage (.txt) so it's only a bit slow because it's hosted in Lithuania.
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    What's wrong with using GitHub's issue tracker system? It seems it would be more stable and reliable than anything you could host yourself (plus easier to use).
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    Remote signups. I, not yet at least, have had any problems with imitation.
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    My suggestion:

    * use dev.bukkit for hosting
    * if your plugin grows and has many users host your own ticket system
    * (or) use github as issue tracking but this has a limitation cause someone would not just sign up if they dont code.
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    I wouldn't say anything about "easier."
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