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    so i was thinking about how people rave over mysql support and i got to thinking:

    1) mysql is terrible for a lot of the stuff people want it for (this is well known)
    2) a nosql solution may be marginally better while still providing similar advantages
    3) are there any NoSQL Bukkit usages out der?
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    • Cross-server support
    • Web Integration
    These are two main advantages. If you're looking for speed, you're better off using flatfile. I think people like it because it's more "advanced".
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    i know, i spent last week trying to figure out what the heck it is.

    and i was thinking that most of the data that server people want to store in MySQL (like permissions) would be better suited in a NoSQL database!
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    Perhaps permissions would be faster in a NoSQL DB vs a MySQL DB, but I bet they'd still be faster yet leaving them in a yml file. It is a struggle for many users to install MySQL, not to mention running any sort of NoSQL on top of that. I suspect people run MySQL for simplicity sake, not because its better.
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