Normal for RAM to max out?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DuneRacoon, Feb 1, 2013.

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    After a while of people being on my server, the ram will go to 100%. But the thing is, it doesn't drop when they get off. It just stays at 100%. Is this a normal thing?

    In addition, mcmyadmin will say that the server can't handle it or whatever, or question if the server time has changed.

    I just don't know why the ram usage doesn't drop.
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    Possible memory leak, list your plugins.
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    Anticreeper3 4.5
    ButtonWarp 2.1.3
    Buycraft 5.2
    Essentials 2.9.6
    Essentials Spawn 2.9.6
    BukkitCompat R22A
    mchassuite 1.3.2
    Mobcatcher 3.3
    PermissionsBukkit 2.0
    Preciousstones 9.5.4
    Signshop 2.5.2
    TreasureChest 8.3.8
    Vault 1.2.22
    Worldborder 1.6.1
    Worldedit 5.5.1
    Worldguard 5.7
    dynmap 1.3
    iConomy 7
    LWC 4.3.1
    mcmmo 1.3.14
    Automessage 2.0.5
    Nocheatplus 3.8.8
    SimpleRestart 1.3.4

    No ideas?

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    How much RAM is there to begin with? And don't forget, a program using available RAM is nothing wrong per se. With MC and Java, we even assign that amount of RAM to that program, so don't be surprised if it makes use of it.

    That and a possible memory leak. You are using quite some resource hungry plugins.
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    Please post The following:

    All the Java Arguments you are using to start the server.
    32 or 64 Bits?
    Server Specs ( Memory & cpu only please )
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    As for CPU, I'm not sure what ones my provider is running. Ram I have 1GB. My server is ran on mcmyadmin, so I don't know the java arguments.
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