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Discussion in 'Resources' started by stoneminer02, Dec 12, 2014.

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    So, I have seen much of
    if (someboolean)
        awesomeString = "True";
    } else {
        awesomeString = "False";
    1. You don't need the brackets/braces(whatever the name is) when its 1 line of code in that statement.
    2. You don't even need if statements. It can be like this:
    awesomeString = (someboolean ? "True" : "False");
    3. As I have seen someone state in a reply, you can use Boolean.toString(someBoolean);
    Please note the big B in Boolean.

    And I have seen stuff like this:
    if(x == "59124fhaw")
    ... please! Use x.equals("some awesome stuff"); as it is more accurate and does less memory leaks as far as I know. I haven't gotten any memory leaks with this, but I have gotten once with two equal symbols.

    Also, when doing while loops. Do not place a while true and never use a break if its doing some Thread.sleep.
    This is a nice one. Could also be done as a for loop thats a bit further down.
    while true { if(someint.equals(130)) break; someint++; log.log(Level.INFO, "hai"); }
    for (int x = 0; if(x <= 130); x++)
        log.log(Level.INFO, "hai");
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  2. @stoneminer02
    Java tutorials (and tutorials in general) don't belong here. Anyways:

    1. True, but it doesn't hurt to use them. It's a preference.
    2. Or you could use String.valueOf(object). And if you're telling someone to do something as oppose to something else, you should explain why
    3. Your for loop is not even proper. Maybe you should look up the usage yourself.
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  3. Moved and put a nice prefix on :)
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    @stoneminer02 Please - DON'T just say use equals!
    Say why and when to not use it!
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    In my opinion you should always use braces to keep your code organized.
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    Integer "x" is null. You cannot increase a null value, nor put something along the lines of if (x == 130) in a for loop.
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    Oh no!
    You listed:
    "And I have seen stuff like this:"
    if(x == "59124fhaw")
    THEN did this:
    "... please! Use x.equals("some awesome stuff");
    Also, when doing while loops. Do not place a while true and never use a break if its doing some Thread.sleep.
    This is a nice one. Could also be done as a for loop thats a bit further down.
    [*]while true { if(someint.equals(130)) break; someint++; log.log(Level.INFO, "hai"); }
    [*]for (int x; if(x == 130); x++)
    [*]    log.log(Level.INFO, "hai");
    You seriously just used if(x == 130) in that loop, why not .equals WHICH YOU STATED THE PARAGRAPH above?
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    Deleted user

    awesomeString = Boolean.toString(someboolean);


    Also, it's

    condition ? true : false

    So your example is kinda backwards
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    The output of Boolean.toString(boolean) won't have the first letter capitalized! That last statement was sarcastic so don't respond to it. What gets me is why would you want to have a string named true or false when you have a perfectly capable primitive to handle the same thing? Though I would say the OPs example was a bad one. Those strings could say anything, not just "True" or "False".
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    boolean ʼ = false, ri = false, v = false, m = false;
        ! (ri &v&ri ^ʼ)|m
    @HeadGam3z Actually, local variables don't have a default value (not even null) and won't compile as such.
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    boolean ʼ = false, ri = false, v = false, m = false;
            System.out.println(! (ri &v&ri ^ʼ)|m);
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    @teej107 It was just meant to be read "i cri everi tim", printing true, using Boolean.toString as a joke for your statement. :( Yeah, nerd joke is nerd
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    That's not how primitives work...
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    I think you mean
    for(int i = 0; i <=130; i++){
    //Will log "hai" 130 times
  15. @Mr360zack Correction, will log it *131 times since it's less than or equal to 130.
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    ** "//Will log "hai" 130 times" **
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    131, it will include 0.
    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... 130
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    I was so sleepy when I wrote this, so I have fixed a lot of typos and fails in the code.
    Including the one when I used == in a for loop, instead of .equals, as I wasn't gonna use that either.
    As it is right now, its <=. For nubs, it will loop 131 times.
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    @stoneminer02 Have you even tried to write this in an IDE? There are still so many syntax errors in your basic Java code.
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    Hurray for hardcoded strings!

    Both the T/F letters in True and False are consistently uppercase!
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    Deleted user

    Wait what?

    Memory leaks from a basic comparison operator? Call the Java Cops! Something MUST BE DONE!
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    Personally I overuse my brackets as a personal preference. For me it is easier to read. I also prefer if-else statements to the ? : operator.
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    If you want the name to the "? : operator" -> ternary operator.
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    No, as of this isn't going to be 100% right cause there is people who just copy-pasta the code and thats it to save some writing.
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    Yeah, as if any Bukkit developer would even copy your code to begin with. This is basic Java and has nothing to do with Bukkit. Even posting a link to an actual Java tutorial would be more helpful than this.
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    1. People may not understand the java tutorials.
    2. I am awful at explaining java.
    3. I have feelings too.
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    1. Programming with Bukkit requires a basic knowledge of Java.
    2. Then what makes you think that people would to be able to understand your resource? It's not just the explaining that needs work. It's your code.
    3. I'm sorry that may have put you down. Many people on this thread posted how to fix your code and you still haven't done that.
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    where to begin...
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    I don't get any good feedback so I'm done.
    - REQUEST: Lock
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    Locked on request.
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