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Vote Nominations for promotion: A good idea?

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    I am looking for a community voting plugin for my server. The way I would like it to work is the Admin (or I suppose whoever has permissions) can start a vote for a particular individual for promotion and then players can choose to nominate them for promotion or not with a reason. I imagine it could be something like /nominate (user) (typed out reasoning).

    Perhaps the reasoning part could be toggled in the configuration file to be required or not as well.

    Some other features that'd be welcome in something like that would be the option to automatically promote someone as soon as they have enough requirements, tying into the promotion system (If this were to be supported, I personally use PermissionsEx) and the ability to either preset the specific amount of votes required for each rank in a text file or be able to choose how many votes are required when starting the nominations for a particular player, the preset option probably being preferred.

    Another thing that could be added is the ability to have some nominations start by default. We currently have users starting as a Wanderer rank in our server (no build rights) but if we know them or people like their company, they get promoted to Guest (which still has no build rights, but everyone knows they are decent people at that point). Having the option to have Wanderers join automatically able to be nominated for Guest would be interesting.

    So, what does anyone think? Is this possible to be made? I looked up some plugins that may have served this purpose, but the only one I found that was kind of close was MCVote 1.0, and that didn't fit my needs well enough to implement it. Thanks for any responses or feedback :)

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