NoCheatPlus vs AntiCheat. Discuss.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by andrewkm, Jul 22, 2012.

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    no it dont i use nodus on my own server to combat nodus force field works well with any anti cheat lool
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    Have you tried AntiCheat? It checks to see if a player is looking at something before they can hit it.
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    force field is an auto hit in nodus and one gets close to a person using forcefield gets hit from fron back form the side it dont matter
    and ive used all the anti cheats and not a one stopped that hack some did work on long break jesus hack but the worst hack there can be for pvp is the forcefield
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    as said before. anticheats wont stop cheaters 100% and the best form of anticheat is an admin being on the server and watching the players.
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    anticheat has the very good anti spam protection for chat and commands, which nocheatplus lacks of.
    anticheat makes you wait a few seconds to break blocks if you are using fastbreak, nocheatplus just makes the block not actually "break" until the time it would supposed to.
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    What are some of the hacks/clients that aren't super obvious in the first place? Besides like ESP and changing lighting? Force field, speed hacks, flying, etc is all pretty obvious but I am curious if theres some less noticeable devastating things.
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    NoCheatPlus is more custumizible.
    I prefer NoCheatPlus especially if your also using mcMMO
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    It's quite hard to do that when you have ~300 players online spread across around 7 different PvP enabled worlds. Using an anti cheat plugin is essential, especially for catching the non-obvious hacks.
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    has anyone thought of ways to deal with player locators and minimaps that show all nearby entities? with the new oreobfuscator working well and NCP - it now seems like the latest bane on my server are these.. when someone finds you while sneaking in an underground base and kills you, you are just like wtf how did you see me here?
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    There really is no easy automated way of detecting this let alone stopping it, the best I can think of is having a radius of blocks that you can see players in, outside of that they are vanished with respect to you (using the vanishing api that VanishNoPacket uses)
  11. You might have a look at PlayersInCubes. It automatically hides and shows players based on distance (rough distance, cube-oriented by now). Likely to be somewhat incompatible with vanishing plugins, though. But it can ignore worlds.
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