NoCheatPlus vs AntiCheat. Discuss.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by andrewkm, Jul 22, 2012.

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    NoCheatPlus vs AntiCheat. Discuss.
    Im looking on doing a switch from NoCheatPlus to AntiCheat very soon due to the inactivity of the new NC+ dev. (Hes disappeared and our NC+ timings are simply horrible with quite a few broken/problem areas.)

    Curious on opinions about this.
    Anything I should know before the switch regarding things to look out for etc.
    Any experience / history regarding performance (Timings on NC+ vs AC) that you can share?
    Any input is appreciated. Thanks guys!

    EDIT: NCP developer is back and the performance has really gone up :)
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    NC+ has been working fine for me. What exactly broke for you? Could be a misconfiguration or a conflicting plugin rather than an issue with NC+ itself.
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    AC as Nodus has a bypass for quite alot of the NC+ features
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    Like what? I use Nodus and I've tested it on my own server with my regular player's permissions. I couldn't find anything major that bypassed it.
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    Yeah, I would like to know too. I use AC because NC+ wasn't working very well for me and haven't noticed anything.
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    nodus force field still works nodus speed hacks still works its time based on the client side long reach still works a whole host of stuff still works and i wish a good mod could be written to stop them as of now no cheat program can stop these hacks
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    this is a good debate topic and I'd like to see more.. I recently went to AntiCheat but not sure if i'm liking the move or not yet... while NCP was highly configurable which I liked to a degree, it was a bit complex in all. AC is a bit over simple in its config, and also having some problems configuring it to ignore specific checks..
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    I use AntiCheat. It's easier to configure (imo) and seems to use less CPU resources. I don't think it does a better job than NC++, but it certainly blocks just as many mods. AntiCheat is also adding a nice website interface soon.
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    I did figure out one thing I like far better over anticheat with NCP - the ability to hook your kicks, bans or warns for infractions into your punishment plugin of choice..
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    AntiCheat lets people fly. They get knocked down to the ground too late. NoCheat does it instantly without other users noticing.
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    For this reason and:
    Ever since NoCheat left, I moved straight to NoCheatPlus. At first, the developer fixed every single issue found nearly instantly. Now, there aren't really any bugs :D Everything works perfectly. It does help my sever a lot!
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    I've used both, but anticheat seems to conflict with a plugin that I use. Seems quite odd. I stayed with NC.
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    Which plugin, out of curiosity?
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    NC++ user here, and I see players get kicked occasionally as a result of something mcMMO is letting them do that NC++ doesn't like. Other than that, I have no issues with it and it keeps people in check perfectly.
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    You have bigger issues if you're using NC++.

    I tried AntiCheat the other day and it wouldn't even let me sprint. Went back to NC+.
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    Well, that is why they are dev builds. Luckily that seems to have been fixed, it was only present in one of them due to me making progress...
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    NoCheatPlusPlus is a malicious plugin, designed to give other's operator on your server.

    EDIT: Nevermind, @Chaseos beat me... Looks like I had this page up for a while and forgot to reload. :p
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    am running anticheat.. not sure if its running correctly as it has warned me when ive been in creative and an op..

    also ive seen it warn other players but say the wrong username lol and instead of saying the username of the player it warned it says a username of a player not even on the server! heh.

    its pretty new tho so i expect problems but will continue to use it.. the best anti cheat you can get is an admin with a keen eye and /vanish :)
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    Doing what in creative?
    Also we know about the second bug, it's some bizarre issue with bukkit or something that we haven't been able to figure out, but luckily we're probably going to recode AntiCheat soon so all that will go away.
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    when flying.. if you double tap jump to fall and get out of fly mode you will stutter and fall straight down and then it warns you for hacking.
    does not happen all the time as ive tried to recreate it many times and failed but it has happened atleast 3 or 4 times to me overall.

    probably not happening enough for it to be a problem. as you can just clear your own status.

    Sounds good :) i hate cheaters with a passion so a good anticheat is always a blessing :)
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    Im unsure where to go as a long time server owner Iv tried both plugins. I never had a ton of issues with nocheat.
    I installed AC and instantly had issues from what i believe is my lag from my connection ( 250 ping ) I was setting off alarms for placing 2 fast and running too fast :(.

    While being the owner of the server i could just turn it off for my self i know i have other users with the same kind of ping and its not nice to be told your hacking when your not. I felt my server was safer with AC but maybe over safe IDK.

    So its always a hard pick for me ;o
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    edit* i take that back.. worldname has changed since 1.3 for some reason lol

    so its not even enabled!
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    That was due to CB not having a PlayerToggleFlightEvent, so when players switched from flying->non flying, they still had that momentum from flying and AntiCheat yelled at them for going too fast. CB 1.2.5-R5.0 and higher contains a bit of code that I implemented so that AntiCheat could properly detect this, and compensate for it. If you use any one of the newer CB builds above R5.0 (including the 1.3.1 builds) and the newest AntiCheat dev build, that problem is totally resolved.
    One of my oversights when designing AC was making it too easy for people to use. Because I always coded things as simply as possible for the user, I made the mistake of not giving fine control over settings. Changing this is already on my to-do list, which will be public soon so that anyone can contribute ideas before I start recoding everything.
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    getting a new problem mate. running latest bukkit build and i think the latest stable release of anticheat. when sprinting and jumping its knocking people to the ground (or in most cases straight through it haha)


    Nevermind its fixed in your latest dev build of anticheat :) just updated to using that.
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    Yeah sorry I didn't mean to make this a support thread, if you have issues you can use the bugtracker.
    In any case: the dev builds out right now support 1.3.1, the newest stable build does not. Use the dev builds instead of compatibility with 1.3.1
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    Stargate. The author said he wasn't interested in making it compatible either, so I just moved on. (The report was filed by someone else, but I went to look and saw that comment, so I didn't post.)
  27. I've found that AntiCheat can be a little finnicky sometimes. It will "catch" people cheating and boot them off. You have to really play around with the settings before it feels right. I really like the invisibility option that seems surprisingly absent from a lot of plugins.
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    Interesting. I have actually spoken with Drakia before and he gave me a very decisive message that he had no intention of working with me to try and fix an issue. This was a while back, and that particular issue has since been solved, though.
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    Oh Alright, I may try to switch back when we update again, as it has been a while since I tried it.
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    AntiCheat stops all of these things except the client side time, since that's impossible to detect.
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