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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Streetpoet, Jan 13, 2013.

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    As an Admin on my server I really need to clear up my own chat, I cant figure out how to get rid our NCP messages that fill up my chat ingame. People are trying to cheat and its doing its job, but the alerts get really annoying. I need to know how to go into the NoCheatPlus Config file and tell it to remove alerts to chat. Thank you!
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    Open the config.yml and turn off the chat messages option near the top.
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    Here is what my file looks like, and it still displays in-game messages, am I doing it right?

    # Configuration generated by NoCheatPlus 3.8.7-beta-b294.
    savebackconfig: true
    active: false
    debug: false
    console: false
    file: true
    filename: nocheatplus.log
    ingamechat: false
    allowclientmods: false
    opinconsoleonly: false
    protectplugins: true
    managelisteners: false
    reporttometrics: true
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    Please update your NC+ at least to version 301 and regenerate your configuration. Setting ingamechat:false should do the job, if you have problems then please leave a ticket for us.

    Also I dont recommend letting your players spam checks of NC+. Every check that has to setback the player will need some performance to do that.
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    I think you mean this permission that is spamming your chat:

    The player will receive notifications through the in-game chat of players failing NoCheatPlus checks.
  6. I think a big server creates spam by multiple players only generating smaller violations (though usually only the bigger or important ones should get logged). One could add more kick actions, but that needs testing with clients to find reasonable limits for the given configuration.

    That is another way - if your setup allows it, you can use that permission to control if you receive messages or not.
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    I'll have you know, NCP isn't a plug-n-play plugin. You must do some configuring because if you don't, players may be unnecessarily kicked and you chat will be spammed with errors.
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