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    This thing is a piece of shit

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    I would spell the title of your thread correctly before submitting it :p
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    Looks good so far. Perhaps a permissions node to enable inventory protection automatically instead of having to have users enter the /invprot command?
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    I would think that the current one would work better because some people might not want this on at certain times for whatever reason.

    @TPMJB : Thanks didn't notice that :)
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    This would be TOTALLY cool if it worked with iConomy. Players pay by the minute for how long their inventory will be protected.
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    Please test your plugin with the latest Recommended Build (493) and update your release post accordingly as it is now a requirement of the submissions process, since the newest RB contains breakages.
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    Okay I just tested for 493 and it still works fine + fixed a stupid mistake with Permissions.
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    Is it possible to save just a part of the inventory like the first two blocks (in the action bar), while the rest drops on the ground?
    Because at the moment I'm really interested in PvP and collect plugins to make it more interesting and it is very uncomfortable, if someone wins a single fight against the other and will win the whole battle just because he has all the equipment. To save the complete inventory would make it boring, because dieing wouldn't be something bad...
    So please make it possible to save just a part. It would really help me a lot!
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    Err.. how exactly would you choose what part to save ?
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    I don't know a lot about programming, but there are slot id's, aren't? And maybe you could write the id's of the slots you want to be saved in a config file or you type ingame something like /invprot slots 1-10
    It would be very cool, but I guess it's much easier to just say import/export inventory.
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    permissions don't work for me. when i don't edit permission i as admin can use /invprot but others can't. that's ok so far. giving the permission to a single user doesn't allow him to use the command. giving the permission to a whole group breaks the command for everyone. running on 493...
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    Please add a config to allow the plugin to be enabled by default
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    Downloaded this today and began testing and it does not seem to be working correctly. I get no errors when the server boots up in the console, activate the mod by using /invprot, get the confirmation message that it is activated. I go and get myself killed by whatever mob is closest and my inventory does not persist through death. I do not see any errors in the console whenever i die or res. The items do not drop where I died so it would seem at least part of the mod is working correctly. I am currently using build 542, Permissions, WorldEdit and WorldGuard. Any help would be appreciated
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    Not working on 531 either :(
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    Sorry guys apparently bukkit buils 521+ no longer support this.
    Can some mod please lock + move this.

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