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    Hey guys, just wondering if there is a plugin that makes no one an op. The problem is that I host a sever for a bunch of friends (about 7) and my brother keeps opping himself and cheating constantly, he plays on the same computer as I do (mac) but he has a different account. It doesn't need to make everyone not be an op, but if there was a way from keeping just him from being one... Thanks anyways for any feed back!
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    How does he OP himself?
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    Well.... If you are in fact using CraftBukkit just double click the jar and run it without the run.bat file that server tutorials tell you to make. That way there is no console for him to op himself.
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    hint: online-mode=true
    There is NO OTHER WAY you can force OP without having access to the console.
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    The server is run on my mac, so yes he does have access to the console and knows how to use it.
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    Can't you just slap him across the face when he OP's himself? Saves alot of time. XD
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    If you make a plugin for it he will just delete the plugin..
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    Already tried that :D

    He didn't learn how to do that yet...

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    Run the server on a separate account using GNU screen or something and password protect the account. Then, create a separate account for playing on. In order to switch to the account with the server console running on it, he'll need to use the password. I do this all the time and it works.

    To switch accounts, you can either do it using the GUI or you can open a terminal and type "sudo su ACCOUNTNAME". After that, you can type "screen -r" and do things with the console. When you're finished, press CTRL-AD (that's an A followed by a D) and then type exit twice to close the terminal.
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    Hi, I just tried that but when I type "screen -r" it says "cannot open your terminal '/dev/ttys000' - please check". Any advice?
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    Type "script /dev/null" first, and then try "screen -r". Sorry, forgot about that little caveat. ;)
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    Problem is he could still change the ops file and add his name.
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    If that happens, he can just become the server account and change permissions on the ops file. Something like "chmod 600 ops.txt" would probably work.

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