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    hi, I searched for it for hours and I just coulndn't find any good plugin that disables /home, /f home, /spawn whenever you are in a fight with someone... I already have combat tag but it just won't let you disconnect when you fight.
    can someone please find me this plugin or make me one? and if it will work somehow with combattag I will be very thankful. :)
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    With Essentials you can add delays to people teleporting away (Configurable). <-- You do this top paragraphs of the configuration file

    With WorldGuard you can Disable Commands but only in a certain area, like an arena etc. If your using WorldGuard you would type:

    /Region Flag <Name of Region> Blocked-cmds Home
    /Region Flag <Name of Region> Blocked-cmds F Home
    /Region Flag <Name of Region> Blocked-cmds Spawn

    Personally i'd use Essentials delay becuase it affects the player wherever they are, as WorldGuard only affects players in a certain area.

    Your Welcome :)
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    You can block commands globally per world with WG.

    /rg flag __global__ blocked-cmds home
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    Yes, but when they aren't in PvP they wouldn't be able to use those commands. He wants it just when they are in PvP combat.
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    Again the PvP No Command plugin that I posted two posts up does exactly this ;)
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    pvp no command needs a replacement, is someone willing to make it?

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