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Discussion in 'Resources' started by xTigerRebornx, Jan 18, 2015.

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    Update 1: SimpleScoreboard - Updated by @mazentheamazin

    Hello everyone. Just here to share some research. Not a tutorial or anything, but a pretty sweet discovery and some test code.

    Below is a way to create scoreboards that don't flash and rapidly change contents, explanation below as well. This is only testing code, not a finished product. Support for trying to c/p will not be given.


    Using scoreboard teams and scoreboard basics, register a score using any color code (separate color codes for each line), then register a team. This team will need to be unique for each score, as its what holds the actual text of the line. After creating all the needed teams/scores and assigning them, you'll want to do a few things:

    1. Use a repeated task to constantly update the scoreboard
    2. Create a way to constantly change the team's suffix. I do this by switching it between 2 ChatColors, as that will not show up on the board
    3. Set the team's prefix to the text you want. The same length rules apply, sadly, meaning its limited heavily.
    4. Change score (if wanted)

    If done correctly, the constantly changing scoreboard will cause the scoreboard to change w/out flashing.

    Hack away at it to your hearts contents.

    Me ( @TigerReborn ) - Research
    Mazen ( @mazentheamazin ) and Co. - Research
    Tom ( @thomasb454 ?) - Testing

    Tutorial soon to follow ( Possibly )
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    Time to make some super awesome scoreboards that don't flash! Whoo. xD
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    Due to some nonsense, Post was removed for awhile. Now that its back, some updates!

    - The updating can be done using the prefix as well, and with some logic, its possible to take and add scores seamlessly, as long as one score maintains the suffix/prefix changing, the other scores will transition smoothly.

    - Estimated length of around 30. This can be done by using the prefix + suffix, as well as using some transitional logic to take the colors from the prefix to the suffix (hence the "around" part). This being true, the length is still estimated around 30-32.

    - More formal version, perhaps a resource, planned later.
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    Go mazen & co.
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    If you wish to use a resource that does contain this method of no flashing, check out my modification of SimpleScoreboard (limited to 22 entries).
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    I thought the way to stop scoreboards from flashing was to just update the scores and not set the scoreboard to the players again. Am I wrong or is this something different?
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    @kreashenz Not quite sure what caused flashing, I believe it was something involving adding/removing scores that would appear/disappear from the middle of the values, and even with one scoreboard you are unable to avoid adding/removing scores to change their "displayed" text, hence the solution involving prefix/suffix. You never actually change the text through removing and adding like flashing scoreboards do, just changing the prefix and suffix to give the illusion that the text is being changed.
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    @xTigerRebornx I can use my xScores plugin as an example, in I think the first maybe 2 versions of it I had problems with flashing scoreboards, I posted a help thread on Bukkit, got help and I got told not to set it to stop the flashing. I don't think setting the values, maybe unless you have a fair few of them, would cause the scoreboards to flash.
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    @kreashenz Its not setting values, it completely adding new scores.
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    It seems a lot easier to do than this:
    But I imagine the above allows you to do more since you aren't taking up the prefix and suffix spots.
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    SimpleScoreboard code lost. If you have it, can you update link ?
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    It seems it requries Java 8. It's not problem for me but some hostings don't support it. How to remove jaa 8 dependication ?
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