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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by marceltjeg, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Hey evreyone

    I have a problem again

    If i close/ban/kick/reload/
    the server
    you will get that message and dirt at backround als always
    but what i see
    (the /0055 thing is not a color code, i dont know them out of my head, i do know the & colors)
    is : /0055 The server is closing , whe are back soon

    and not in colors, & doesent work to
    how to i fix this

    And i have another question :p

    if i start my server,
    i want that players get blocked for 1-3 mins, so for startup. only mod and admins can login then (with message in color :p)


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    I do not think it is possible to stop players from joining unless they are moderators ect, it would block people by their ip im guessing and if a mod or admin has a ip that changes every time he or she restarts the router, then as a meme says i quote 'you are going to have a bad time', on another note what do you mean by using the color codes, what are you using them for ?
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    I want the colors for messages if the server stops, it isent realy necesary but it looks nice,

    and i saw that on a server that they block players for a min, i had that plugin before,
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    marceltjeg If you want to change the message when a server closes, you can edit the bukkit.yml, or you can do "/stop 'Message'".
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