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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by iceman0000reyna, Aug 7, 2015.

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    NCP Is really buggy and I mean really buggy. It kicks players for flying while in PvP and rubberbands a lot. I was wondering if theres is a way to fix this? Or an alternative anti-cheat plugin.
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    Its not buggy
    It needs to be tuned for your server conditions. Having a server with gobs of errors during startup, throwing errors dueing runtime, and generally being laggy and resource-leaky will definitely make the ground level unfair for its assumptions to work on.
    It also needs to be tuned based on your type of connection, the general speed of things based on the weight and duty of the plugins you have, and any other plugins that might apply extra load.
    Examine the logs, look at the stuff you know is false-positive results, and raise the thresholds on them. Rubber-banding is a feedback loop -- the server could be laggy or the player have a bad network condition, that will cause them to appear to do things out of order to the server, so it cancells the actions rubberbanding them. If your server connection is a bit weak or the server is NOT operating at 20TPS as it should, and lagging, then that will exaggerate it.

    But buggy it is not
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