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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CrAzYoYoS, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Nicknames dont work for some reason. Even though i dont use chat manager. It started when i changed the message format to: Admin: {NAME}: &6&l{MESSAGE} but when i changed it back it didnt work.

    A: AutoBcast AdminFun AdminShop: B: Better Reload, Boss Bar Auto Message C: ChestShop Citizens ClearLag CommandSigns Creative Gates E: Essentials:Chat,GroupManager,Spawn: EZRANKSLITE
    F: Factions ForceSay FortuneBlocks H: Healthbar, Hivejumppads I: ItemNamer K: Kits L: Lockette
    M: MarryMe, MassiveCore, MagicSpells MinecraftHeadsv1.06 MiniItems MobArena MobCatcher MoreBows MoreSwords Multiverse:Inventories, Core, Portals. N: NPGuys P: PetCreeper Plotme Prison ProtocolLib R: RandomTP Recipe RolePlayChat S: Sentry ServerSigns Skyblock SpawnBuild
    T: TagAPI Tim U: Ucarz V: Vault W: World Edit World Gaurd

    There :p
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    Leave a list of plugins that your server is using so that someone can help you quicker :)
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    You mean /nick ? If you're using essentials that is.
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