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  1. Minecraft version: Spigot 1.16.2 (paper)

    Suggested name: NewArmor

    What I want: I'd like to have a plugin, which allows me to change up the attributes of the current default armor. Like if someone is crafting ironarmor or is getting some nice armor through a treasure chest or whatever, it should have the changed attributes right away, instead of the default ones. A config to set this up would be nice:

    key_lore: '[keyword]'
      <id> (iron_helmet/diamond_chestplate/...):
          <Slot> (Mainhand/Head/...):
            <Attribute> (Armor/AttackSpeed/...): [number]
        Display: '[Name]'
    A final config could look like this, for example:
    Example finished config (open)

    key_lore: 'Event'
            Armor: 4
            ArmorToughness: 2
        Display: '&6Awsome Diamond Helmet'
        - ENCHANTS
        - PLACED_ON
            Armor: 8
            Damage: 4
        Display: '&6Much Chestplate'
        - ATTRIBUTES

    The Display and Hide tags are optional but would be nice to have options if possible. The main key of this plugin should be to add/remove/change the attributes of the normal armor, which the basic player can obtain.

    The key lore should just check, if a armorpiece got the keyword somewhere in the lore. Through this keyword, the armorpiece should not be checked or replaced in any way. Only add this if needed

    Ideas for commands:
    insertpluginnamehere reload (Just to reload the config)

    Ideas for permissions:
    Nothing special, reloading and stuff should be for op only of course

    I hope this would be possible and I would really appreciate if someone could do this for me :)
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    What do you mean by changing the attributes, you mean when the player gets the item the enchants are already on it?
  3. By changing the attributes, I mean changing up the stats the armor provides, like the typical armorstat for example.

    Not sure what you mean with enchants, but as I know, you can hide specific tags like the enchantments or the "unbreakable stat" for example. But dont let this confuse you, this isnt even that necessary to have included
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    Hey, 1: the config file should probably be in json
    2: all of this is possible in vanilla using commands (idk how tho)

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