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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by patricksterza, Jun 7, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Crafting

    Suggested name: UniverseTP

    Minecraft Version: 1.7.10 - Java 8

    What I want: Hi guys, I am really looking thru this plugin to be made (Fast as Possible), What i asked bellow is so i can manage and make stuff on my server work fine and make my friends happy. And also, they are breaking everything in my world and its being ugly though...

    What i want anyone to do is type /minerar and they will get TPed to a new world where they can craft and break stuff.

    On main world "World" they will not be able to break anything even trees, so if they want to craft something, look for diamonds, stones, they got do /minerar
    Otherwise they have there homes and they will be able to build inside there in the main world "World".

    Every time a player do /minerar he will get teleported to a random destination in a world that i created, but, i will have to put the world name in the config.

    If possible make the commands editable and messages...

    Ideas for commands:
    1. /minerar - Teleports you to the selected world in config.

    Ideas for permissions:
    universe.minerar (or no need perm because anyone will be able to use /minerar

    When I'd like it by: SAP
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    Nice idea, but very craving-- memory-wise. You'll end up having 200 different worlds (if you want to create a new world for every time the command is executed, that is). If I misunderstood, perhaps you'd like to have ONE world that players would be teleported to in order to mine diamonds and such, and not one world for each player.
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    @DoggyCode™ the command will get executed and get tped to a random location in a new world setted in the config i will only make one.
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    Wonderfull idea! I like it!

    Where you about to create this plugin? If so then go ahead. If not, then I be glad to do this one :).
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    You can make it ;)

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    I see one problem for this plugin. I asume that you want the first world to build, the other world to break stuff etc. correct? In that case there are a few problems. First of all, people won't be able to create basements, gaps, bridges and so on.

    Second problem: What if they missplaced a block? They can't remove it anymore?
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    Hmm, first world they won't be able to build otherwise they buy their area/plot using worldguard so they have permission to build in there but not outside his area...

    What you mean by missplaced a block? Didnt get it
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    Well if someone placed a block on z wrong position, they can't remove it anymore

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    @MrGeneralQ Hmm, if they place it, make them not be able to place that block there...
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    No no, listen

    World1: Here you can collect blocks (not place)
    World2: Here you can only place (not collect)

    When you go to world 1 to collect materials, and then return to world 2, to place them.
    Imagine , someone placed that block a wrong position. Then they can't remove it anymore (because they can only place blocks in that world, not collect.
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    @MrGeneralQ actually is this:

    World1: Here you can only place (not collect) = But only place where they are allowed
    World2: Here you can collect blocks break place....

    how do i prevent any player from placing blocks in world 1? But they will get allowed to place break construct anything inside their region / house / home / plot.

    Make a permission and by default for OPs to break place do what ever in world 1 and world 2
    Thank you so much
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    Ooow, okay so you want me to integrate worldguard?
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    @MrGeneralQ Yes please :D

    Make a config like
    Allowed World (for breaking and crafting)
    - Craft-World (/area,/tell,/msg)

    Denied World (Player will only be able to build there if they are in their houses/plot
    - World (/pl,/plugin)

    Also, if possible make a blocked commands config like; ABOVE inside the Parentesis "( )"
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    I'll do my best

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    You are overcomplicating it. You don't have to integrate to world guard; he probably already have plugins and permissions handling that for "world1". All you have to do, is to make a plugin which would teleport the player to a world, where placing blocks etc is allowed. There's multiple ways to accomplish this

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    Once more,without a region there will be trouble. If they place a block in the world where they can't dig for blocks, and it was missplaced by accident, the player won't be able to remove it anymore. If you think you can do this then please do it.
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    @MrGeneralQ Could you finish it? or still working on it? i really need it fast as possible! Thanks for the attention...
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    I will. Okay so this is what is going to happen. You will be able to configure a specific world in the config file.
    It will be seperated in 2 categories.

    • Regular world (here you add your own world)
    • Collectorsworld (here comes the other world)

    Now the best way you can do is reverse worldguard region. So about the protection, you should take care of that yourself. However I take care of about the teleportation and also make it possible so you can only dig in the second world. Not build.

    Also, since I am going to publish this, would you mind if I am using another more likelyname?
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    @MrGeneralQ ok.
    But what name would be better? or idk because i like my given name. But i accept your refearence.

    • Regular world: world people can only build in it if they bought there area.
    • Collectorsworld: world-craft people can dig/craft/build.
    but i want the plugin to block certain commands on those worlds as i mentioned above if possible.

    What you mean by reverse worldguard region?
    Please certify that will be tped randonly
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    It's probably my fault, but do you want me to teleport the player to a random location in that world?
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    I Al Istannen

    I would take this as a yes. But you may want to limit the range, so that not a too big world will be generated.
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    Can you creatie this Plugin then? I never used worlds en generation

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    I Al Istannen

    I probably won't, it doesn't appeal me that much :/ But you won't need to mess with world generation. Bukkit does it for you. Just teleport the player to the other world, like you said.

    What I meant is the following:
    If you teleport the player to a random postion between -30.000.000 and +30.000.000 x and z, the world file might get quite big, as many chunks will be generated over time in totally different aereas.
    This is because the player gets teleported to a new location every time and the server will generate the chunk the player is in and some adjacent ones.

    If you limit the range, the player may get teleported to the same spot twice, but it will result in a smaller world file.

    You can make this configurable in the config, to allow him to edit it. To choose a random Location to teleport the player to, just use this:

    int maxZandX = // readFromConfig();
    // get a random instance for this thread. You can also use new Random() to get a random instance.
    // then pick a random x coordinate between 0 and the maximum x
    int randomBlockX = ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextInt(maxZAndX);​

    Then flip the sign (i.e. plus to minus, as the method above only generates positive numbers) if ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextBoolean is true and you have a random x coordinate in the specified rectangle. Do the exact same for the z.

    For the y get the highest block at the location (World#getHighestBlockYAt(x,z)) and use this as the y coorinate. Then teleport the player to this location.
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    This was already really helpfull, however, at the end you said:

    When I do that, the player will be teleported to the highest point in the world? So I'm not sure, but won't he actually fall then ?

    EDIT: nvm, I think it is returning the location where the highest block is, so actually on top of the block right?
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    @MrGeneralQ The world i will create the DigWorld i will just set it in the config what is the name of the world though.
    No need big number as @I Al Istannen mentioned above to load chunks by that way my server will crash i think!

    And yes, please make them teleport randomly locations.
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    @Bayside308 i didn't like the plugin you mentioned i have already tried it and that's why i came here to ask my own. Thanks for the attention

    Also the FarmWorld its a 1.8 plugin and mine minecraft is 1.7.10 didn't worked at all
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    If you're open to using Skript, I can make you one quickly :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Modded servers are not supported.
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