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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Jrod, Jan 27, 2016.

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    Hey, i was wondering why there is no anti-xray plugin that just makes everything you cant directly see air/stone? Like if you were in a box in the ground it would just say the entire world around you was stone or air until you came into view. Is this a minecraft server side limitation or something? If not I would like that plugin to be made and I would be willing to help because I don't know how to code something like that. Thanks, Jared
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    How do you want to send to a player that all blocks around them are stone without changing blocks of the map and so for all players ? I don't think that packets could do that but i could be wrong.
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    Im trying to do what orebfuscator does except like I said it hides tunnles and everything they cant see. If you are familiar with orebfuscator and how it tells the client that it is ___ore and yes it actually changes the block that is sent to the client but not the block in the world file. now my problem is not hiding stuff it is the question of can minecraft actually handle figuring out what blocks you can and cant see and telling the plugin what real blocks to send.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Map gets send with packets though, changing them before they are send is possible.
    And your request is possible yet very difficult.
    • You need to modify each and every packet that contains world data.
    • You need to know what the player is looking at, or at least, almost looking at.
    • You need to send packets to modify the blocks in the players world as he moves around.
    Not to forget the resources that it would take to find all those things.
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    Yes, so is it too much for a minecraft server to do? If I could do it it would be the only x-ray proof server. Also it would be easier than knowing what the payer is looking at because if you sent all the blocks that had like 50 airblocks above it (sky) it would show all the surface to begin with, therefore decreasing the load to just caves and inside buildings.

    (After thought) If you added another less intensive search such as you can only see blocks that are reachable by air/transparent blocks within like you could decrease the load before the player even gets to the chunk. And decreasing the view distance to 10 would help also. And you dont need to know where the player is looking just where he is. Basically the server would ask "can 12 10 -12 coordinates reach 15 8 -9 if so send real packet". Another way to decrease load is to cache the data like what blocks were touching sky in that chunk.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Jrod It is a lot of math and packet handling, connection gets a beating as well.
    Depends on your server if it would be able to keep up with it.
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