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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jarvisd, Feb 4, 2012.

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    I know there are tons of sites to list minecraft servers, but we are trying to create a better one with more features. We just launched a bit ago and we are votifier enabled. If any of you guys could post suggestion and comment that would be great. Feel free to register your server, atm we only get 1-2k in traffic a day, but ofc we just launched :3
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    Looks nice, but it doesn't seem to like me since I never got my registration email.

    The theme is really ugly though.

    Edit: Also, hey there Jarvis.
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    We have a resend button if you login w/o email verification. We are trying to work on the design atm, since we wanted all the interface working first (it seems to all be good now :p ).
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    Nathan C

    Website hosted off orcworms server...
    Orcworms server top sponsored and top on list...


    Haha, jk. But seriously I see an issue with the website....I do not think you should have pings for the servers, since it is hosted from a Europe dedicated server, it will make the United States servers look bad. For example a person would see 1 ms ping, but join that server and find out it actually has 110+ ms ping, since it is located in Germany or vice versa. Overall, I think pings are a poor representation of server performance for Minecraft....I mean I can join Orcworms and sure there is a tad delay, but it is barely noticeable for a game like Minecraft. If it was some other game like Left 4 Dead 2, CSS, Killing Floor, etc then by all means yes, ping is then very, very important but for Minecraft...not so much.

    I think those pings bars are misleading for n00bs and I think it would be good to remove that and maybe put a country flag instead?
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    Yeh I agree with you on that, we will change that. Thanks :)
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    Very cool, just registered our server on your site. Two points of constructive criticism, if I may:

    First, as battlekid mentioned, the theme could use some sprucing up. LOVE the rounded corners and general feel of it, but i'm hoping the color scheme is temporary. ;)

    The other thing is that, as the owner of my server, I cannot vote for it. I tried logging out and voting, but it said that my IP address had already voted. While I understand the reasoning for this, I feel that I should still be able to place my vote, logged in or not, especially if you've got IP address detection in place to only allow one vote per day.

    Just my two pennies on the matter though. Aside from that, it's a fantastic server list, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. :)
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    Thanks for the opinion :) Yeah we are trying to work on the design atm, it's a slow process but we are getting there. Also we just made it so server owners can vote for their servers. Thanks again for your comments.
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    I hear ya with the design portion of things. That's always the part that I struggle with when making websites. :p

    That's awesome! Thanks! :D
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    Seems pretty cool, except for the design. :p
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    We changed our design a bit, any opinions? This is temp but I hope it looks better than before :p

    We also added banners :p


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    Daniel Heppner

    Still ugly. Sorry.
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    Thanks that was super constructive :p
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    Looks nice, I added my server to it and will encourage my players to vote for us there.
    I noticed a couple bugs with it, though:
    The email confirmation link is http://*****
    So if you just click the link in the e-mail, it doesn't work.

    When you submit a server, it shows you the MySQL query it is going to execute (INSERT into)

    Also, do you plan on adding MineQuery support?

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    Thanks for the bug reports and about minequery we already have everything that it offers except who is online, so we don't really need it.
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    Submitted my server. Thanks Jarvisd ! :)
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    Thanks! That is great.
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