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    Hey, SignRank is a great plugin that allows users to change to another group in permissions when they hit a sign. It's great for RPG servers who have different classes or servers with beginners tutorials.
    I personally place my SignRank sign at the end of a tutorial on my server which allows them to become a normal member and use /spawn

    It's a great plugin and from what I've see there are no up to date alternatives on bukkit.

    The link to the origional plugin is:
    Link to source code:
    I'm pretty sure the permissions just need updating and some deprecated code changing.

    Would be great to see an update.
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    Thanks, I'll test it out. :)
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    Let me know if you need help

    Well that is correct a player isn't allowed to use that command. You would need to use this command
    /svs add <server> promote <player>

    This way the console will execute the command instead of the player. It is to bad you use bpermission seeing the grant system doesnt work with it by their odd way of first selecting a world then the player etc.

    But you could add all the commands to temp grant player a permission by writing out the entire code on the sign.

    You can look at this ticket someone made where I gave an example of the bpermission way of granting a permission.

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    Thanks :D Got it to work with that command.
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    :/ Someone updated that plugin for your <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    You should thank Zino :D
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