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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Nixxanator, Mar 26, 2012.

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    For quite a while now I have been looking for a good shop plugin, unfortunately none of them seem complete. ChestShop is a great plugin but the problem is that the chest must be directly bellow the sign making is not only ugly but difficult to work with. All of the "SignShops" lack the ability to buy and sell from and most are complicated to set up. Then there is my personal favorite, showcase which is great and extremely easy to use but it lacks one important ability and that is the ability to make both buy and sell showcase instead of just sell showcase (relative to the person who makes the showcase). This is where my problem occurs, I want to use showcase because it looks amazing and saves room however in order for it to work how I want it to I would have to use it in conjunction with another shop plugin; however, no other plugin seems to mesh well with showcase. So here is what I would love to see from a shop plugin: Showcase display while having both buying and selling capabilities for each showcase, the ability to link showcase to chests (multiple) to stock the showcases and retrieve items bought (like in the original SignShop they used redstone dust to link them), possibly adding an undo purchase command within X time, as for the method for purchasing it would be best if you could look at the showcase or click it and the type something like /buy 5 to buy 5 of the item displayed and sell as well, the ability to make an admin shop that you can sell to and buy from but only able to purchase items that have been sold to it, also each day X% of the total stock will be removed permanently. I don't really care about price based on the supply that the shop has rather I what to have a set price for buying and selling to keep the market in check, but it would be a great feature to add. If someone could make this I would be very grateful I'm sure there is $20 I could donate for your time and I know many more people would love it too.
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    ChestShops allows for sign shops... that allow for buying and selling... and there is an option in the config for a max distance for the chest...
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  4. Could you tell me exactly what you're missing in SignShop? I've taken over support so take a look at and let me know if that is remotely close to what you're looking for.

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