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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MacG32, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Just in case anybody missed it, the new Recommended Build is now 493. Recommended here and located here. Time to update! [​IMG]
  2. ...iConomy, RealShop, Towny, HeroicDeath... ah, come on - too much, hehe!

    Gratz for the new recommended build, devs! You rock!

    Is there a changelog from 440-493 somewhere or is it possible we noobs can get one?
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    You can go here and then just press the next build button on all and you will see the changes on every build.
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    Right here. [​IMG]
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    Why iChat doesn;t working now?
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    You'll have to ask the plugin author. [​IMG]
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    would be nice if i could actually download the recommended build :(

    any chance someone can post it somewhere.. ci.bukkit.org does not open for me.
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    Works perfectly here. Try right clicking and saving this.
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    When I mean ci.bukkit.org doesn't work for me I mean, for some reason my ISP is not allowing the entire subdomain for some reason... so posting a link to the exact same destination I cannot reach to begin with kind of does not help at all.

    -- edit --
    Got one of my players to save it and e-mail it to me..
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    You might want to disable your firewall, clear your cookies, clear your DNS cache, or try a different computer. Your ISP wouldn't be blocking that specific subdomain.
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    Realy nice but i cant get my BacupPlugin tho work ;(
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    Who is plugin author?
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    I have half a dozen plugins still throwing TSLPC warning. Crap.
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    Recommended build 493 just came out. Rushing to update may be fun, but please check your plugin compatibility first.
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    The author is located in this thread. [​IMG]
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    yeah its great, updated local test server, but not live, to much of a hassle to get the plugin devs
    to match up on the version.. But im sure in a week or so, they have all reached the recomended build version.

    then its time to update.. not a great time to rush when the server is not ewen in a beta stage,
    still running pre 0.1 release version ;)
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    I made this thread to make sure all plugin authors are well aware of the new recommended build, so they will get to updating sooner than later. Sorry for any misunderstanding...
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