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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Johnanater, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Game

    Suggested name: Worlds

    What I want: I need a plugin where each player has 48 chunks of land. Starting at 8x8 chunks. Each with 5 chunks distance between them. They can do /w to teleport to their area

    Players can invite others (unlimited amount) to their island with /w invite (Username).

    The world is only 8x8 chunks and can be upgraded using ingame money. In the config you can change how much an upgrade is worth. Every upgrade extends the world border by 4 chunks on each side. The chunks the player doesn't have shouldn't be generated until the player buys more chunks

    Every 4 hours (configurable) the ores regenerate in the world at different locations (replacing old ore with stone. But if they pay an amount of money (configurable) you can cut it down to 2 hours (configurable)

    *You can use Multiverse API!

    Ideas for commands: /w (teleport home), /w invite (USERNAME) (Inviting people), /w upgrade (Upgrading), /w pass (Cuts the ore reset)

    Ideas for permissions: worlds.invite, worlds.home, worlds.upgrade, worlds.pass

    When I'd like it by: Soon if you can!
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    This seems like it'd be crazy on memory usage
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    Maybe it can unload the worlds when they aren't in use.
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    Even with that, having enough people on your server would drain it substantially

    Could you not have it so that they share a single world, with an upper cap of 32 chunks each or something?
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    Yea, make a 48 chunks each with 5 chunks distance between them
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    I might take this up, i quite like the idea

    I'm a tad short on time as always though, so if anyone else wants to do it, please do
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    This looks quite cool. I think this could turn into a cool server someday!
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    I have no idea on how to code, someone should really take this up. I want to play this so badly! Also I think 64 chunks is better. (My opinion)
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    The problem is, the larger the amount of chunks, the bigger the world will have to be, since you have to reserve larger lots per-player.

    64 Chunks is 1024 blocks long, far more than anyone would ever use, mostly.
    32 Chunks is 512 long, which is still quite a large area when you consider it's a square area

    Even if only 100 people ever joined your server in its entire history, you're looking at a minimum of like 11,040 x 11,040
    If 1000 people join your server over time, you're looking at a minimum of like 34,500 x 34,500
    That's not overly huge, but when you consider that almost no players will use more than 32x32 anyway, it becomes extremely wasteful

    I would have started this already, but I've never worked with world generators before ;)
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  14. @Scimiguy

    We agree that we just need to keep 69 chunks between players, or so. And then they can expand up to 64, if the server permits it. All chunks outside the currently active border isn't generated. So, it'd just leave a map with lots of ungenerated chunks and then some squares with player stuff in it.
    It'd be possible to delete chunks if a player has been inactive for long enough, letting a new player take it. If we want to keep track of the area like that. Otherwise we could just keep expanding indefinitely and remove inactive player's chunks?
    You won't be generating stuff that's unused, right?

    I'm getting back into developing, looking at various ideas to work on. This seems kinda fun :p
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    @BreezerFly That'd be awesome if you could do this :D

    Yea it could be possible to delete players that have been inactive for a long time.
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